Monday, May 7, 2018


So, I haven't blogged in A LONG time.  Life has been crazy...hard and crazy!  I feel overwhelmed at the end of pretty much EVERYDAY, but still wake up excited and ready for life.  The mornings are great.  We all meet on the couch at 6:15 for scriptures...which is either reading from the scriptures, or reading from Scripture Heres or watching a conference talk.  Then we have family prayer and head off to do our "zones".  Which usually consists of the kids walking around slowly and playing for about half hour then freaking out and moving fast to get them done before 735 when Jase checks them off.  Then they all go to the car and get a ride...which is now a ride by Mr. License, Jaden.  Tru and I stick around here and finish the kitchen, throw in some laundry, get changed, and go to our workout.  Today we got to babysit a sweet little 3 month old and it was so much fun.  Then the day continues on with lots of carpooling, cooking and cleaning.  The days end with no more energy, usually a kid that's mad and we can't calm him down, so we all go to bed a bit uneasy but ready for sleep.  I'm learning that challenges are sent to teach us and help us grown and learn patience like we've Neve thought we could have.  I've learned challenges are sent just for us to see how incredibly much we really do love our kids and what we will go through for their happiness and well being.  I've learned that challenges, though they might weigh on your mind heavier than an elephant, don't determine your happiness.  YOU determine your happinesss, and knowing that you're a child of God and you're trying your best can help you feel that happiness daily.

I've learned that 6 year old girls playing pretend are HILARIOUS when they don't know you're listening or watching.

I've learned that boys just come home smelly.  You can send them fresh from the shower, but they'll come home smelly.

I've learned that not all teenage girls are dramatic and obnoxious.

I've learned that when you're playing with your last 2 year old, you sometimes break down in tears realizing this is the end of having little monkeys.

I've learned that you NEVER regret saying no to a fun social activity to cuddle up and watch tv with your kids.

I've learned some stains just never will come out.

I've learned you're not the ugliest thing in the world just because you have wrinkles and saggy body parts.

I've learned it's great to get to know lots of people each move, but that there are some friends that just know you, know what you need, know when you need it and that you're comfortable sharing it all with.

I've learned to not get frustrated when I don't have time to learn a new skill or to wash my face, or to make my hair look decent....soon enough there will be too much time for it.

I've learned that I have THEE coolest family in the world and that I find joy EVERY...SINGLE...DAY just being with them.

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