Wednesday, May 23, 2018

May 2018

May was an awesome month!  Boston got the priesthood!   We were lucky enough to get to do it at our house with grandpa, uncle tracy, and bishop McDowell.   It was very special.  He's such a great kid and he's so excited to be part of young mens!

 The other day I wanted to take pictures of baby Truman and of course, Jaden was walking around without a shirt on, so I had to snap a few since it's so much fun to look back at Jason's shirtless pictures when he was a teenager.    Jaden's a pretty adorable kid.  Sure glad he's part of us!  He keeps me on the edge of my seat...DAILY...but he cracks me up and makes me proud everyday!

 He's officially dating Glory...whom we LOVE!  She's a doll and makes Jaden try harder to be awesome.  They're so hilarious and fun together and all of the kids adore Glory.

 Ok, this is THEE most overload ever!   SOOO many crazy pictures of the baby of our family!  He was being so wacky and cracking us up.

 Boston got a sweet electric scooter for his birthday and Kam took Tru for a ride.  He had a great time!

 Of course Vivi can't let a camera be taking pictures w/o her being in them.  She asked me to shoot a few of her poses....

 And I'm a HUGE slacker...these are THEE only two pictures I got from Easter.  We ended up driving to the valley right after our Easter egg hunt so we could have Easter with the cousins, b ut these are the only pictures I got.

 And this was on Mother's Day.  Tru was helping dad make a shake in his shirtless overall outfit.
 And after church he brought me a chocolate dipped strawberry, they he may have taken a few bites out of already.

 Tru loves just sitting with Jaden on the swing.  They're the cutest bookends ever!
 Vivian helped get Truman ready for church last week and asked if I could take pictures of them before we headed out....again, he did his weird closed eye picture face....

I really love all of these kids.  They're all so great, and so amazing, and so fun!

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