Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Beauty and the Beast

Usually the guy is the beast, not in our case.  I'm a beast.  It runs in my blood. I had 2 grandmas that were take charge kind of women, and a mom that owns a dad.  Poor Jase should have done his research before busting out the old ring a ling 11 years ago.  But....too late now sucker!
 This has been a year full of crap for both of us, but luckily we had each other. And luckily each day gets a bit better.    I also had no idea what I was getting into. I didn't care more than the fact that he was hot and a great kisser, but luckily he's a hard hard hard worker, great with kids, and although it drives me insane a lot, it would have drowned us if he weren't....super optimistic.  We really are the most opposite people ever, just like puzzle pieces that fit perfectly.  Wow, super cheesy.  But seriously, Where I suck, he's great, and where he slacks, I pick it up, so it works.
and yea, we have both lost about a pound of hair in the last 11 years, and things have drooped, and lines have formed (especially in my forehead...someone knock the scowl off my face next time you see me!) But luckily where our youth has gone, our kids have picked up.  They're awesome little Jason/Kristal people.  Can't wait to get another in March!!!!!


Jessica said...

You look beautiful Kristal:)

AudyCamp said...

Yes Kristal you absolutely ARE the Beauty...if I recall correctly Belle was a Determined, Beautiful girl who overcame adversity, got the man of her dreams & THEN lived Happily ever after...Yep sounds like that is you!

Kristal said...

That's Jase...he's the good looking one having to fight a beast and hopefully some day turn her into the "woman" of his dreams. Poor guy. Keep him in your prayers.

alison said...

Holy gorgeousness, I had to look away Kristal, seriously you guys are one smokin hot couple! You are so freakin beautiful!!!!!!!!!! I love your post too, you also don't look like you have lost a hair, it is so thick and pretty! Love you and miss you and I can't wait to see and hear about your new little Jase/Kristal person!