Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my boys...

I haven't written much lately about how cool my boys are.  I'm really really sad that Pearcen might be our last baby boy. It makes me sad. He's so sweet, and loves to hug and kiss and be held.  I love it.  He also is easily offended and yells, "no", "don't" a lot.  HE's pretty extreme both ways.  I love that I get to spend all day with him.
 This guy is hilarious and getting to be more and more helpful everyday. Id on't know what we'd do if we didn't have a Jaden in our house.  He loves to play with the other 3 and feels bad when one of them is sad.  He's loving all of his new friends here and can't wait to get into a soccer league after the holidays.
 This boy.  Ooooh, I miss this boy.  Whole day kindergarten is ridiculous!  I pull him out every few days at lunch cause I need him around.  When Pearce gets into his bratty moods, Boss does all he can get get him out.  He's my peacemaker. We had a good time with him this morning at the breakfast table trying to teach him to cross his eyes.  ha!

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dan[and]rach said...

you boys are so precious. and gorgeous. i can't wait to have a little mulder cutie of my own!!!