Sunday, November 13, 2011

a lot

So I figured since I can't find my cord to upload the pictures I've been taking of the kids, I'd just write about my life.
Average day, 2 garbages go least a load of laundry each day, 2-3 meals from scratch, 2-3 snacks, sweeping 3-4x, wiping the whole floor with a rag 1-2x a day (should be more, but my knees hurt), toliets once every other day, dishes 3x a day, vacuum once a day,  3-5 diapers a day, sometimes clothe, sometimes not, grocery shopping 2-3x a week, farmer's market once a week, walk the kids to school, walk to pick them up, haircuts every 4-5 weeks, festive craft or goodie, ugh, every other day, exercising 30-60min a day, sleeping 2-5 hours a night, figuring out family picture outfits out of the old clothes boxes that I've been sorting through...which 2T is missing so that's throwing the whole thing off, organizing the cousins gift exchange, take a kid on a lunch date once a week, take a husband on a lunch date once a week, go on a date once a week,  organizing Thanksgiving, missing my old house 45-65x a day, take the kids to the park 3-5x a week, wiping boogers 4-10x a day, looking for boston  at least 20 minutes of my day, homework 1-2 hours a day, cuddling with everyone on the couch and falling asleep once a day.

After figuring all of this out, I realize "where all the time goes".  I wish I could eleminate the homework, sweeping, laundry, boogers and vacuuming and take more time for the rest.  I told the kids I would let them each pick an activity, ie, dance, karate, soccer, voice after the first semester when we see how well they've caught up in school.  My older 2 are for sure going to be doing fine, and I really don't' want to add more stuff to our day, but there's really no extra out for them so I know they need it.  I wish they didn't have to go to school so much.  Ugh!, School is dumb! and I'm extremely grateful that they are able to go. ha!

Every Sunday I'm amazed at how strong my motivation and determination are to be a better mom, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, PERSON...and how honestly by Monday morning, it's GONE! I want to go to church everyday.  Ok, that's not true, but I do want someone to come give me a lesson every morning right when I wake up before I have time to consume my mind with the millions of things that I need to do that day.  I know I can just open the scriptures, of pop open the Ensign and be enlightened, but when you have someone there, actually telling their stories, or their lessons, it's so much easier.   I really want to be a better mom on Mondays.  I'm going to start with that.  A better mom on Sunday and Monday for now.  I'll work my way up.  The love and Logic class i take with my sister really helps me be a good mom on tuesday. I'm able to keep my cool all day and think about the lessons learned.  last week the lesson I really underlined was, "Never let your kids see you lose it, get angry, be mad".  Keep your cool.  And it's helped a lot.  A LOT!  Especially since my sweet little Boston has turned into tantrum these last 2-3 weeks.  he's super stressed and acting out.  Going from half day, learning letters, sounds of letters, numbers 1-20 to all of a sudden, full day phonograms, spelling tests, reading, counting by 5's and 10's.  I'm just about ready to pull him.  We'll see after this week.
But goal for now: better Monday mom!


alison said...

You are a busy, awesome mom! I hope Boston catches up with school, that is a difficult curriculum for a kinder! Hang in there my friend!

Burgess said...

I know it's not in person, but I try and watch a conference talk online every morning before I get my stuff done. It's hard to sit still and not do dishes, but it's worth it!
Also, I would pull Boston out if I were you. Izzy's doing phonograms, too, but he only goes half day and he's already fried. Coming into that after they've already started was probably really hard on him, too. That's just me, though, I'm sure if you keep him in he will catch up. I guess I'm just saying, if you feel like you should pull him out, don't feel bad. You kept Kam home an extra year, right? You're a good mom, I know you'll do what's best:) Bless you for having 5!

AudyCamp said...

You inspired me to just try to be better onMondays..that's not so intimidating! Ok so Ive had lots of good intentions of bringing you goodies or something but I get too tired or depressed or lazy and don't do it. Oh & I have extra cords if you want one for your computer..?