Sunday, June 26, 2011

Things that I think are awesome!!!!!

I saw this saying on pintrest today and realized how many awesome things I have in my life, so I'll share.  Some are wants, some are needs, some are haves. Come along on an awesomeness journey with me, will you?
 I'm going to start with a want.  WE've been drinking out of aluminum tumblers for about 3 or 4 years now since my friend Jana bought them for us and WE LOVE THEM!  Especially in the summertime.  I just spotted these matching bowls and fell in love.  Someday, they will be mine! Awesome!

 This is a have...I have the awesomest parents.  This is my mom with her sister and brothers in '75.  Isn't she smokin?!   Oh, and my uncle isn't grabbing my aunts boob, he's showing that she's with child.

Another my Ashley Skiddley Doo.  I love that we spent our first pregnancy together, then didnt' see each other for about 8 years, and now we're the best of friends.  Then we spent a year talking about getting a cooking blog together...then finally DID IT!!!! 

 This is awesome!  It's a want...well, I'd say a need, because if I want to be in service of my fellow men, which is what life is all about, then I must have amazing tools to help me serve...a need.  Itsn't it awesome?  you could put in mean words, and they'd still seem sweet and loving on a cookie!  For example, "bite me"   how cute would that be?  Or "I hope you crumble up!"

 No one can say this is not awesome!  This is a need. I want to be able to pull of one awesome yoga move. I know, you're laughing...laugh it up.  Even if it's after I'm done having kids and I can put 100% of my motivation into having a fit bod will happen.  For now...this year, I have another body goal, and when I reach it, I will show an awesome picture and blog it.  Awesome!
 I know, not the most modest suits, but I am in love with every single one...especially the top right.  It'd even cover my stretch marks with that adorable high waist bottom.  Awesome!
 This is a have...but I just think it's Awesome that someone else in the world owns the book "how to behave and why"  Hilarious book.  Awesome!
 Being married for 50 years.  Now that's awesome.  Who does that?!  Yup, my parents, and yup, it's awesome that my dad got so much crap for showing up for his temple wedding in THAT shirt.  Um, but aren't they hot?!   They took off the night my mom graduated HS and went straight to Vegas.  Sexy hot!  and yea, 50 years later, in a big beautiful dream home.  Him playing hearts on the computer, her playing her Sudoko, and dates 2 or 3 times a week.
 Ok, this will be happening SOON in my house...who thinks of this stuff?  Awesome!
 Whenever I wanna pretend to be awesome I think, "what would Mel do?".  And for about 90% of my purchases, ideas, projects, and recipies, I run them by her first to be awesome approved.  And how awesome is it to have a friend that knows what to say when you're totally depressed?  It's awesome.  Not to mention her 4..2 million talents.  I've never met a more talented person...but she's too freaking humble about it.  Drives me insane.  If I were her, I'd be having shops on etsy, teaching photogrpahy workshops, getting paid to do interior design, and be a personal shopper for the rich, but whatev.
 Just a want....this floor. I love it!  I love love love it!  I want it in my bathroom so badly.  If we ever get the $$ and I get through the rest of my 2 thousand projects, this will be 2,001.  And sadly, we'll probably have a stupid cat by then since Dolly wants one so badly.

Ok, this next one is a NEED...someday, although I LOVE our house, I've just always dreamed of fixing up and old old house...and this lady is soo inspiring to me decor wise...check out the HOUSE SHE FIXED UP!

Ok, next is a have, and I LOVE IT.  They took me forever. I bought the cheap cheap curtains at target when they were on sale, $7  for a set, and finally cut them up last week and sewed them together this week. I LOVE THEM. I wanna do red and white for our living room next.
Um, this last one is a have also. Pictures are pretty self explanatory.

 And I will now leave with one NOT awesome....JOSEPH CITY WIND!!!!


Melissa Fullmer said...

you're awesomer!

curtisdasha said...

What site did you find those swimsuits at? They are amazing! I can't stop thinking about them!

Tamee said...

What the HECK! I can not believe that wind could pick up that monster play set like that. Only in Jo town. Crazy!

Laura said...

I want to know where you found those swimsuits too! LOVE LOVE LOVE them. (and don't tell anyone but I kind of miss the wind up in the white mountains:)

Dr. Mulder said...

They're anthropologie, of coarse. not sure if they are recent or not...I pulled the pic off of pintrest.