Sunday, June 26, 2011

8 years ago...

Mom:  Kam, do you remember 8 years ago when you picked us to be your family?

Kam: No.

M: So sad...probably the best day of your life! What has been your favorite thing we've done in the last year.

K: What's the last year?

M: Since your last birthday

K: WE drove in the car as a family and played in the car and drove up to see Uncle Justin and Aunt Elissa.

M: That was fun, what do you like to do everyday?

K: Fun activities, like make the 4th of July things and make those balloons, and I painted a bobblehead cat.  Jaden painted a race car, and Boston painted a car too.

M: What's your least favorite thing to do everyday?

K: not do anything, just color. I don't like brushing my hair at ALL! or doing all my chores, and gotta get the eggs from the chickens and catch my baby chicks because they get out.  Thats all.

M: Remember when you hit Jaden in the back of the head with a huge rock and he bled all over the place?  What happened there??

K: I got in huge trouble and mom brung me in by the hair and p ushed me in my room really hard.  That's all.

M: wait wait, I meant, what caused you to do that??

K: Cause he kept being mean to me.

M: So that's what you do to people that are mean to you? Lesson learned...BE NICE TO KAMRYN!   Ok, remember yesterday when you said, "Pretty much Pearcen and I have the cutest faces"?   What about Frederick the bunny?

K: He has really cute ears and they're big, but he does scratch a lot.

M: Do you think he'll come back again?

K: I'm pretty sure. I think so, but he might not cause a long time ago he got lost and he came back, it was a week and a half and then he came back that morning.  That's all.

M: So you decided to get baptized this year....why?

K: because your sins wash away and Jesus just wants us to get baptized and I wanan do what he says.  That's all.

M: Do you have sins?!?!?

K: Yea, and sometimes I don't.

M: LIke what?

K: fighting with Jaden, throwing the rock at his head, talking back to my parents, that's all.

M:  Not too shabby.  You are a pretty stinking awesome little girl lately.  Such a helper...especially with Pearcen.  What if I get another baby in my belly (LATER) and it's another boy?!

K: Then the next time I hope it's a girl and not a boy again.

M: The NEXT time?!  What if there's not a next time, and you and I are the only girls in this crazy family FOREVER?

K: Then I'll just play with you or have a friend over if you let me.

M: Well, let's just pray for a girl next.  What's your favorite thing to do with me?

K: Go to the jewelry parties with you, go to fun places with you, going shopping, baking and crafting. I especially like crafting.
 M: What do you wanna be when you grow up?

K: Just like my mom

M:, Um, probably the best answer ever!!! What else would you want to be?

K: A vetranarian.

M: You ARE my animal girl.  What's your favorite animal?

K: Kitties and puppies and baby bunnies.  Just say baby animals.

M: What should we do today after church?

K: Can we do those balloon things?

M: Sure, what else do you like to do on Sunday afternoons with the family?

K: Finish those red, white and blue banners.  We can find something to bake, we can bake the donuts. Maybe we can make cookies too.  That's all.

M: So  a crafting junk food day?  Sounds good to me!   You're already well on your way to becoming your mother.  Kam, I LOVE YOU  SO SO MUCH!

K:  I love you never ending so so much.

M: I love you more.


Cathy said...

Awesome! You are such a good mommy!

Elissa said...

tell kamryn that i am honored to be a part of her favorite thing thsi past year!!!!!!!! now im all excited for justy to get home so i can tell him, before we even say hi, im gonna just start yelling that kamryn likes us!!! he won't believe it.

LOVE HER! pray for more girls. and we will do lots of fun things and have crafts and junk food for her when you come up THIS WEEKEND!

AudyCamp said...

PRECIOUS!...she is adorable. That's all. ;)

Mary said...

She is the cutest thing!!! Such a looker!
Did I ever tell you about how when Ethan was two he told me he was glad he picked me? I said, "picked me how?" and he says, "you know, when I was up there" and he pointed to the sky. AWESOME!

Young Hatch Batch said...

This is so stinkin' adorable and sweet! You are an amazing mom to think of all these great ways to remember your children's childhood...I wish I had something like this to help me recall all of the great times when my awesome children were I need to do it to help create the memory makers with my amazing grandchildren. Thanks for the great example you set. Best wishes for the months ahead as you prepare for # 5!!!

Sorry I missed your parents 50th...I was in Germany...but I grow to love them more each year that I know them!