Tuesday, December 22, 2009

wow...uh, wow!

Ok, I don't have a whole lot to write. I waited today for the marble man (to give me a shower door), the door man (to bring my front door) the Qwest guy (to hook up my phone and internet) and the cabinet guy (to fix a couple of my cabinet doors and my countertop)....no one came.
Last night, I slept alone with my 3 youngest in my new house...oh wait, I didn' sleep. My dog kept barking and growling at the door every other hour...not to mention our temp front door has a big draft on the bottom...big enough for a large snake to sneak in. yea, so I got off the couch this morning at about 5 to set up my Christmas and instantly felt like this..... Yet we got all 3 Christmas trees set up. hopefully tomarrow the 4 repair guys will all get here (through the snow) and I can get the rest of Christmas set up because Thursday I have to go to Flag with my mom to buy food for Christmas dinner, Pearcen's blessing luncheon, and this guy's baptism dinner....

yea, he's gettin baptized. Ug! Seriously, where did the last 8 years go? I remember when he was my newborn, and now I've had 3 since then. What the heck? It's his birthday today and Jase took him to Disneyland yesterday. For his birthday breakfast, he wanted IHOP, for lunch, a hotdog, and for dinner, IHOP again for some mac n cheese. haha, gotta love birthday meals like that. Another fun fact about this guy...he pulled a "Christmas Story" stunt last week. A fellow classman told him to stick his tonge to the flagpole...he did...he came home with a bloody tongue. I love him!!!!!
Um, so the house pictures are coming soon. They'll be Christmasy for now...but you are ALL invited to my house warming party in January. Seriously I've been waiting WAY too long to own a home to NOT throw a house warming party!


buba's bodacious babe said...

Awwww, gotta love that Jado. i can hardly believe that he's getting baptized.... that means I'll be preparing for the same thing here pretty quick. 12 1/2 weeks to be exact. Hopefully this little girl will cooperate and come a little earlier so Chompy can have a birthday baptism. Can't wait to see the house, you are TRULY amazing. Thanks for the goody basket, your present is coming soon!

Jessica said...

Thats hilarious! I'm so glad you guys got in your house, can't wait for the party!