Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Ok, this year for our cousin's gift exchange we did a new thing that Tamee's inlaws do. We had everyone get in a circle and whoever is giving gets up and says what they love about the person they are giving to, and then give them a hug. I LOVED IT! So cute. This is Kam giving to Garrett.... Garrett giving to Jaden. These two were pretty much in contact all week...usually wrestling.

Jaden giving to Zane (I have always hoped Jaden would be like Zane...he's an awesome kid!)

These 3 girls were soo anxious for their turn. I loved it.

These two are hilarious together. THem and Caitee are the 3 cutest cousins ever

Sweet Garrett Jones giving to Kam. She LOVED what he got fact, all of the cousins did...all over my carpet. haha. I told Tamee to get her playdough though. I love the stuff.

Boston had tess's name...he wasn't very good at saying what he loves about her, but we know he loves her.
Mmm, nothing sweeter than these 3...especially when they start fighting over a's hilarious!

Nothing sweeter than these 3...especially when they try and argue and can't come up with comebacks.

Somewhere we have a picture of these 5 when they were babies. They were all born within a year of each other. I hope they are always as tight as they are right now.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for documenting that cool day. I loved being at the church for all those festivities and LOVED going back to your comfy house! Can I come spend a week on your couch watching flics and drinking cocoa???