Monday, November 9, 2009

How'd we meet?

Sharee Baldwin Sanderson Our husband were Roomies!! :)

Shelbi Matt Kelly You had me over for dinner, I have so many better memories of when I actually got to know you, LIKE when I was on my mission and was leaving the area and you gave me a little going away basket with a condom in it, you know good memories like that!

Melissa Patterson Fullmer it was a dark and scary night.... just kidding, we met at church and then I was your visiting teacher

Staci Garner I met you at church. You were sitting in Relief Society holding Kamryn and I remember thinking. She is so cute and trendy! I love her glasses. You had on these super cute glasses! And, I think our girls are probably the same age. You were definitely too cool for me!

Mat Siltala I jumped into your truck when we were going out to the mansion, and we went and got Jack in the box in globe. I'm pretty sure that's how.

April Petersen Reheis your fabulous sister Vonda invited you to one of our lunches and I will never forget I was a total freak show basket case cryin about were very tolerant and nice :)

Lisa Kartchner Lampsa I'm sure it was through Jarrod and all of his HS buddies that we met for the first time. Can't remember the first time we met though. Seems like I've always known you or atleast knew about you.

Amy Stalder Allred EAC BABY!! I believe it was in Jared and Mat's apartment at scum crest!!

Jeremy Jones on the price is right trip! and you were in my biology class.

Devon Conroy Fulcher Well....Sometime in the the 5th grade and I believe we probably hit it off because there for a while we were inseparable!! I have lots of great memories!! I don't know why but I love gemini's, you guys are always outspoken and know how to have a good time, I guess that's why I married one. ♥ >3>3

Sherida Brimhall I met you when you were born :) your family got their 5th girl & we got "our Broc" the same week

Jennifer Cole Judd At church, then you came to my house to take a picture of my new baby (who's now 4 1/2 years old!).


Alicia said...

This is so fun to read, and these are great memories. I don't remember the first time I met you. I think I've just always known you and your awesome family.

Samantha said...

This is fun to read!! Did you post this on facebook or something? How'd I miss it?? I don't remember meeting you...

Tiff Hunt said...

Hey lady, what is your email. I have some questions for you. I want to know if you vaccinate your kids or not, and what you hubs recommends as far as treating the flu. You can email me if you want @ THanks!!

Allred's said...

This was such a great Idea, I may still it in the near future !!!