Monday, May 7, 2018


So, I haven't blogged in A LONG time.  Life has been crazy...hard and crazy!  I feel overwhelmed at the end of pretty much EVERYDAY, but still wake up excited and ready for life.  The mornings are great.  We all meet on the couch at 6:15 for scriptures...which is either reading from the scriptures, or reading from Scripture Heres or watching a conference talk.  Then we have family prayer and head off to do our "zones".  Which usually consists of the kids walking around slowly and playing for about half hour then freaking out and moving fast to get them done before 735 when Jase checks them off.  Then they all go to the car and get a ride...which is now a ride by Mr. License, Jaden.  Tru and I stick around here and finish the kitchen, throw in some laundry, get changed, and go to our workout.  Today we got to babysit a sweet little 3 month old and it was so much fun.  Then the day continues on with lots of carpooling, cooking and cleaning.  The days end with no more energy, usually a kid that's mad and we can't calm him down, so we all go to bed a bit uneasy but ready for sleep.  I'm learning that challenges are sent to teach us and help us grown and learn patience like we've Neve thought we could have.  I've learned challenges are sent just for us to see how incredibly much we really do love our kids and what we will go through for their happiness and well being.  I've learned that challenges, though they might weigh on your mind heavier than an elephant, don't determine your happiness.  YOU determine your happinesss, and knowing that you're a child of God and you're trying your best can help you feel that happiness daily.

I've learned that 6 year old girls playing pretend are HILARIOUS when they don't know you're listening or watching.

I've learned that boys just come home smelly.  You can send them fresh from the shower, but they'll come home smelly.

I've learned that not all teenage girls are dramatic and obnoxious.

I've learned that when you're playing with your last 2 year old, you sometimes break down in tears realizing this is the end of having little monkeys.

I've learned that you NEVER regret saying no to a fun social activity to cuddle up and watch tv with your kids.

I've learned some stains just never will come out.

I've learned you're not the ugliest thing in the world just because you have wrinkles and saggy body parts.

I've learned it's great to get to know lots of people each move, but that there are some friends that just know you, know what you need, know when you need it and that you're comfortable sharing it all with.

I've learned to not get frustrated when I don't have time to learn a new skill or to wash my face, or to make my hair look decent....soon enough there will be too much time for it.

I've learned that I have THEE coolest family in the world and that I find joy EVERY...SINGLE...DAY just being with them.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Get myself back

I've been listening to a book called "present over perfect".  I don't recommend it, but it has a few good points, and the first that I took from it was to say no!  Say no to things that overwhelm you and don't give you satisfaction.   Things outside of your two inner circles of people.   Your children, husband, close family and friends.  I think a lot of time, especially being a person that moves A LOT, I feel a need to quickly make my way into people's hearts, no matter who they are, because I probably won't have long to.   But we've been in this house now for a year and a half, which is a long time for us, a nd I'm ready to slow down.  More no's to those outside of my inner circle.  My inner circle is pretty consuming at this season of life and my inner circle is growing up WAYY to fast and I cry about being out of the baby stage of life at least once a week, but Jase assures me, we are done.    I tried to invite more family's over for dinner, go out with other couple's more, attend more girl's lunches and girl's nights, but NONE of these things brought me satisfaction.  They brought me temporary joy and I did have fun getting to know some great new people, but the time that it took away from my inner circle, or the extra stress that it caused me which gave my inner circle a mom that they don't deserve was NOT worth it.   When you say no to one thing, you're saying yes to another. And I have to make sure that my no's to things outside of my circle are creating more valuable yes's for my inner circle.  And likewise, that the yes's that I AM giving outside of my home aren't creating no's for those inside my home.  I've watched a lot of women close to me chose social lives over creating memories and teaching things within the home, and likewise I've seen so many women  that hardly ever attend girl's nights, or girl's trips or even many couple's trips with their spouse to relish the quick years that they have at home with their children. I'm so grateful for those examples that I once judged as being boring or overly committed.     There are SO many distractions for moms to pull us outside of our homes, so many that aren't enriching or inspiring, so many that actually do the opposite, create gossip, complaining about family or even  just fun time that would have still been better spent inside the home.   I'm hoping to have more no's the the things that take away from my important inner circle yes's.
I also took away from the book that we can't shove down that part inside of us as women, that is unique to each of us, that pushes us to become who we want to be.  Paraphrasing, she said, "wear clothes from vintage shops, drive a vespa, plant a garden, do whatever it is that yo've always wanted to do or be!" so many women just push that down and chose to be a mom. And when I thought about what I'd want to be doing right now, there is NOTHING I'd rather be doing than being a mom, but on the side, I do want to dress more fun like I used to in HS and own unique style that helped me stand out.  Now I wear what most mormon mom's wear and I think I just blend right in.  I DO want to create an amazing garden, and this year I'm going to do what it takes!  and I'd LOVE to drive a vespa, hopefully after we get this house built and get Truman into school I'll get one!  There are so many side dreams of the woman I always wanted to be during my mom years and I've sat them aside to focus on momming, or to blend in, but that's not who I ever was for the first 20 years of my life.  So 20 years of standing out, 20 years of blending in, and now it's time to stand out again.
I'm also realizing thatI'm too focused on my weight.  I'm so tired of carrying around all of this extra weight, but I let it determine my mood for the day.  If I'm down a pound, Im the fun, crazy mom, if I'm up a pound, we clean...and we clean all day unless you play outside...without your mom.  I know this won't be an easy fix, but it's GOT to be fixed. I watched a darling commercial from Kay Jewelry about these 3 or 4 couples.  It went through their whole love story from beginning until now, when they have kids...and they talked about how they still have to connect now that they have kids.  The men spoke of how lucky they are when they spot their wife from across a busy room and think "how did I get so lucky that she chose me?!"...and I loved that these men felt this way about these women, but it was mostly because they were all overweight except for one...and the one had a skinny husband, and the other 3 had chubby husbands. I just feel like it should match up, and I'm big and Jase is tiny so I carry so much focus on my weight because I feel so. uncomfortable being with him.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Dance and Animals

These two adorable girls had their dance recital and nailed it!  Kam does hip hop and Vivian does ballet and tap.  They're both just the cutest dancer. I love watching them!
And since we're done having kids (huge mistake) I made us get a bunch of baby animals.  A baby bunny named "bugs" or "Cadbury"...he answers to neither....
A bunch more baby chicks that hopefully survive all of the love.
A cute round headed baby boy....
A curly haired fluffy puppy named Otis.

I LOOOOOVVVEE days when they all get along and play games together...even if it's the most obnoxious game ever.
just a little shot of our big ole family with all of the new members after church.

hugest break ever

I couldn't get logged onto my blogger for months!  That's why the huge break.  But I can't catch up because I don't have time, so I'm just going to start with the last week...Jaden's first date!  Winter formal with Glory Craun!  The two cutest kids in the High School!  They had a day long date that ended with a snowy night.

 And Jadens not short...he's just by the two tallest guys!

 Truman wanted to be a part of every picture. He loves Jaden and Glory!

 These pictures are from the fall of Millie and Vivvy.  They are THEE two cutest girls ever.  They had so much fun dancing and laughing out in the field...we didn't even need to pose them.  They're just naturally hilarious and adorable.


Friday, May 5, 2017

Watermelon Baby

This last week Trubear has LIVED in his highchair. no lie.  About 75% of his waking hours are spent in the highchair.  He just want to eat...anything!  This week it's been a lot of watermelon, deli meat, mangoes and avocado.  On Wednesday he chose watermelon, and A LOT of it.  I let him go to town since I was busy making lettuce wraps.  

 When he was done, he was covered in stickiness so we threw him in the sink to splash and play for a bit.

 Then his biggest fans slowly started trickling in and entertaining him.

 but then they gave him another slice of watermelon, that got bubble dunked a few times.

 So we let him go outside and finish some more melon before we rinsed him again.
Later that night he went chicken chasing...he never quite got his hands on one.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Where the livins easy...

Today Jase and I were sitting on our front porch swing eating cookies that one of our neighbors brought us before our kids realized we had them, and we were talking and Jase asked, "seriously, how did we get so many cute kids?!"  Our two middle boys were busting up laughing at each other and they both looked over with their big sparkle eyes when he asked that.  They're so awesome! We really are THE most blessed family I know.

Today was our first irrigation of the year.  The kids went crazy.  Our whole front yard was a big swimming pool.  They had races, and raced Gus and did a few science projects with our bridge and their toy tractors, then realized IT"S FREEZING!!! The water is SO cold and it's windy today!  They're so crazy!
 This guy, however, is a little smarter.  He stayed on the porch with me.....

 He's so stinking naughty though!  He's pulled the flowers off of almost all of my flags!  I'm nervous the snap drags are next, then the Shasta's, and then my long awaited peonies!  I need to train him quickly or he'll be wearing a straight jacket everytime we go outside this summer.
 This week we planted a ton of flowers and started getting our garden spot ready....and I guess we got another bunny.  Next week we're hopefully getting more chicks, planting our garden and picking our neighbors weeds.  And Jase just told me...for Mother's Day....I get to pick out a new puppy!!!!!!  I'm so excited.  I've got it narrowed down to two breeds.  I've missed having a little dog around the house since Fox died a few months ago.  Gus is SUCH a great dog though.  We hug everyday, which if you knew me 3 years ago, you know I HATED big dogs. I was afraid of every single one, but now thanks to Gus, I'm only afraid of pit bulls, rotweilers, Dobermans and German shperads!  Maybe someday Ill like em all (doubt it)
And Bibs  wanted to plant strawberries and basil.  She picked this little spot in the yard for the basil. I'm a bit nervous it won't get enough sun, but she's excited about it.
 Easter is always so much fun with the Hatch's.  We did another egg hunt at the Bollwinkles, but it was even better because it was Caitee's homecoming, Randa's 50th birthday (major dance party!) and Zane opened his Dominica Republic!!!!!  He's going to do AMAZING there!!!
Here's the smaller monkeys pre hunt....
 Tru just wanted one egg and he was happy.  He wasn't feeling tops.  This teething thing is a pain in the booty for him, but I LOVE that he wants to cuddle so much!

 The other day Vivian picked out this girly outfit, and asked me if she looked pretty.  And she loved wearing the dress with the horses....but then....

 Truman came into her room and she decided to take all of his clothes off and put them on herself and ask, "do I look like a tough guy?"   ha!  Too cute to be tough!
 The other day this stud came up for me to take his senior pictures.  We hd so much fun!  He's THE sweetest, most easy going teenager I've ever known.
 Vivian and Caitee came with us.  I got this quick shot of Vivian as I was checking the lighting.
 I think I have a picture of all of my kids surrounded by a mess, figured I couldn't leave this guy out.
 Um, sexy!  He got his mamas figure.
 I just have a lot of really cute pictures of this really cute boy!

 and then...WHAT?!  This is Pearcen....same kid!!!!
We made this carrot patch cake for FHE last week.  
 And I just LOVE when my kids fall asleep in random places.  Not that the couch is random, but still. Her hands...her belly, her feet!!!!  STOP GROWING BIBBY GIRL!!!