Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Interview with a 6 year old...

 Mom:  What's on your heart?
Vivian: I think about Jaden in my heart, that he is sleeping in the snow.
M: Hes not sleeping in the snow, just really really cold.  What happened in your day today?
V: Boston was babysitting me and we maked a fort and me and Truman played Barbies.  This morning I snuggled with grandpa on the couch.
M: What makes you cry or makes you sad?
V: When Truman pinches me really hard or when Boston bes mean to me.
M: What do you dream about?
V: When all of us are at DisneyWorld and then we go and swim at the ocean by it.
M: What would you do if you could do anything in the world?
V: GO do Disneyland and play there.
M: What else?!
V: Go do the cousins!
M:  What kinds of things make you feel loved?
V: I like it when you snuggle with me. I like when you give me hugs and kisses.
M: I love that too!! What is your favorite kind of food?
V: Salad.
M; What kind?
V; Ceaser salad
M: What other foods?
V:  Mac and Roni and Cheese!
M: What do you need from me?
V: I need to color with you and watch a movie with you.

M: What makes you happy?
V: When I play with the cousins and when I play with you and Boston and pearce and dad and Truman and Kamryn and Jaden,  and when I go on bike rides with dad and Pearcen, I'm happy when we go to the movies.
M: What did you like about the last movie we watched?
V: When Mary Poppins put them in the bath and they, like, and I saw the dolphins.
M: Which kind of music makes you want to sing?
V: Let it Go and Christmas music!
M: What are the things that make you angry?
V: When you tell me that I have to go outside and feed the chickens, when my room is dirty and you say I have to clean it and when my brothers tease me.
M: What kinds of things do you like to talk about?
V: UNICORNS!  Narwhals, movies and princesses.
M:  What makes you afraid?
V: Dark, and that's all.
M:  WHat's your favorite memory?
V: Going on a trip.
M: Which one?
V:  Going to the cousins and going on the trip to the beach with the baby cheetah and holding the baby tiger. I liked seeing those, like, what are they called? they was on the little thing. I can't remember it.
M: What makes you laugh?
V:   When Pearcen does jokes to me, when Truman farts,  when mom says "don't smile vivvy"
M: What re the 3 most important things to you?
V: Family. Dogs.  Jesus.
M: Those are awesome things Vivian. I love you.
V: I love you
M: Last question...Do you know how much I love you?
V: 2 thousand, 10 thousand 10 hundred 10 hundred plus 10 hundred 10 thousand!!!!!!
M: Nailed it!

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