Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

This mother's day, I requested that we go out to Fountain Hills with my favorite beautiful chocolate cake from costco, my 2nd favorite vanilla ice cream, and my favorite family.   So Saturday morning, we packed up the bikes, blankets, scooters, extra clothes, journals and headed out.  A few of the kids got into trouble on our way there, so J had them stay in the car while we enjoyed our bookeneds for the first 30 minutes….which is rare that it's not one of them in trouble.  So we busted out the ole cake!

Then Jaden quickly started climbing trees and jumping out of them, and V was just all over the place.

And THEN she spotted these ducks…poor innocent, sleeping ducks….not for long!

Then she needed to replenish her energy, but she got cold. It was so much fun to watch her stay bundled and warm and shove as much cake down as she could.
Then dad tried to help her and the ducks flew off, never to be seen again.
She she decided it was time to scooter around.   This is her Braveheart face…she was probably yelling something less inspiring though, like, "MOVVVVE!"
I don't know why….
because he's handsome….
because he's adorable, and sweet, and was just sitting by his sister with his arm wrapped around her….
And of course, this happened….

This happens anywhere we are except not always at church.
Then I got my mother's day wish and had my older 3 and myself write in our journals.  My BFF from college and I used to go out to Fountain Hills every few Sundays to write in our journals, and going back, those are some of my best entries.   I've realized the only time my older 2 write in their journals is when theya re in their rooms, usually in trouble, so they probably aren't the best records of their real life…just great records of how mean of a mom I am, so I figured I'd take em toa  great place, and give them delicious chocolate cake and lots of hugs and then have them write. :)
Then we went on a walk around the lake to get to the opposite side, which is where the playgrounds and splash pads are. Here's a creepy statue on our way around…

The kids all 5, got soaking wet….
Then decided to lay on the wall and dry off….
Then go get soaking wet again…..

This time to dry off we played on the play ground.  All 5 in the tire swing….going HIGH…and no complaints.  They're seriously such freaking awesome kids!

And our usual Fountain Hills tree picture.  I hope this branch never dies, but…..

It probably will…..

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scooping it up said...

I CANNOT believe how huge your kids are. So fun to peek in on your sweet family, hot stuff. ;)