Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I miss simple

I know life will get crazier as my kids get older, but I'm ready to simplify big time.   We've let ourselves get lost in the rat race, the fast lane, the crazy life.   The boys are done with soccer, and I'm pretty sure I'm not letting my boys be in anything until they are 8, and Vivvy can be in dance.  And each kid can be in ONE THING….ONE THING!   Well, plus piano and scouts/activity days/mutal.   I know this is wisful thinking, but this week has been SO HARD. I haven't been able to keep my mind focused AT ALL, I've had nightmares, which I NEVER have anymore, and well, my vision is gone!   Everything is so blurry.  I thought when the boys were done with soccer I'd feel less overwhelemd, but my callings, and photoshoots, kids grades, scouts, my two baby's constant messes, my struggle with food, and  dejunking the house to get ready to pack has consumed my brain and stressed me out.   
I'm so excited for August, when the kids get settled into their new school, we get settled into our new house, there's not much going on, there's nowhere to shop, no where to eat, less activites, more dirt and chickens, girl's camp is long over, packing is over, unpacking is over.  I think my mind gets caught up in all that I'm doing, along with all that I have coming up and it just turns off.  But in the meantime, I need to be the fun, happy, nurturing mom that these faces need…..


foreveryoung said... know I can relate. The biggest thing that I was looking forward to with this move was simplifying life. And we did that. And it was wonderful, and yet I still feel guilty. I feel like without all the scheduled activities they sit around playing minecraft absolutely all day long. Which I know is my fault and I need to take advantage of this uninterrupted time that I have with them before we get back to the crazy schedules. So THANK YOU for the reminder to enjoy this time, and thanks for letting me unload this on you like you're my therapist :)

Burgess said...

I only have 2 kids and things feel crazy -- can't imagine 5! If you need help packing, call me!
(or if you need anything else)

Kristal said...

I love you two. I love that we are part of the vary rare, endangered blogging moms. Jamie, honestly, I'm more jealous of your life than anyone I know. YOur picture, your adventures, your amazingly beautiful talented children. Actually, you should meet burgess. haha. Her kids are super cute and genius as well….but sadly, burgess and I are stuck in Az…not New Zealand. haha. Burgess, thanks! I'll let you know, it won't be til the triple digits hit their peak…that's how we roll. ugh! (last of July)