Friday, May 22, 2015

AHHH, Addictions!

Ok, my first and worst addiciton is sugar.  Since we've moved here, I've become so unhealthy.  We eat healthy meals, but I'm a closet sugaraholic!  BAD!  And I can't stop.  Seriously, I've read so many articles on food and sugar addiction, and i've made charts, set goals, stopped having it in the home, but I ALWAYS GO BACK TO IT!    SO that's my #1 to work on….

But my #2 is social media. I CANNOT believe how adicting it is!  I was off from October until about a week ago, and now I check it everyday!  I deactivated mya ccount again, so hopefully I'll stay off now. It's so dumb. I love this little interview with Jennifer Garner about social media:


I can't believe how much it's effected my self esteem, and gratitude being on social media more this week.  Instagram is hard for me, so I've gotten rid of anyone not family or very close friend on there.  I know blogs aren't a whole lot different in the aspect of posting the best parts of your life, but I feel like instagram and facebook are more braggy, where blogs are more journaling/keepsakes.  One of my friends has…seirously, THE most beautiful life…in honestly, what I believe after seeing her day to day pictures, the most beautiful location on earth….and she blogs…weekly…and it inspires me rather than makes me feel lame.  I know, to each his own, but for me, social media destroys…blogs uplift.  So addiction #2, nice try this past week, but see ya!

Addiction #3…reading…WHAT?!  Kristal Mulder reads????? Yea, I just started reading about a year ago, and it was a slow go, but now I just want to go lay on my puffy white bed, fan on hight, all windows around my whole room open and read my books if I have a second of free time!  It's so weird to me! Right now I have 3 books going on.  The first one is jumpstarting our boys.  It's an awesome book about how boys are falling behind so rapidly in reading and writing,a nd how it usually happens around 4th grade, and the effects it has on their futures, being non readers.  I'm just getting to the good part about how to get them to love reading (of course, example is one, so yay for this new addiction!).  The other book, makes me so sad…it's the book the Duggars wrote…and I'm so sad about their oldest son's recent alligations.   But from what I've read, he's fully repented, which I know doesn't make it right, but how many amazing men do all of us know that have had HUGE screw ups in their teen/early 20's years?  yea, all of us.   I'm so sad they're taking the show off.  Luckily, I've only watched one season, sO i can go back and find them all and re watch. I'm amazed at how great their kids are, what hard workers they are, how grateful and thoughtful they are…and again, it's like the social media one, I know just the good parts are shown, but most of us, on a daily basis like that, could not get that much great footage…and we don't have 19 kids to manage.  And my 3rd book, I've only read one page of, is about US governmental conspiracies.   I need to learn more about history, so I figured I'd start with the ONE part that I find somewhat intriguing.  

Addiction #4…which feeds #1…baking. I LOVE trying out new recipes, I LOVE delivering goodies to all of my friends and family every week, and I LOVE having my house smell like a bakery at all times.  I used to be good at baking all the time and not eating all the time, but not anymore.  Actually, I did ok this week becaue I put them on plates, covered them and made the kids deliver them right away. but I LOVE BAKING!

Addiction #5….toddlers.  Not just any ole toddler….but MY toddlers. I'm freaking out that I only have one more toddler left to raise.  It makes me SO sad.  I LOVE having someone to do grocery shopping with, and to hang out with all day, to help me pick up, and to do their hair and dress them up and to give me hugs and kisses all day. I'm wondering how it's going to go in 2 years when I'm here alone. I hear lots of moms say that they are busier then than ever, but I'll have a driver in 2 years, and I feel like that's my busyness other than toddler messes and dependencies right now.  I'm so sad, but I know it has to end sometime, and I'm too old, and vivian is too old to go again.   So, we've gotta soak up this last year or 2 of toddlerdom.  :(

and I dont' like picturless posts, so here are few random candid shots.  J doing major homework (ONE MORE STINKING WEEK of it)…
 Kamryn cutting quilt squares for her new bedspread….
 This guy, just being sweet and cute….the usual….

 Someone took pictures of me at the computer after I had freshly chopped bangs….

 Uh, and sorry that none of these are edited….no time right now

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foreveryoung said...

Okay, admitting you have a problem is the first step and I admit I have a total sugar addiction too! It's bad. And then I've learned to love baking since being here, and you're right, it just feeds the addiction! I think we need to start a support group when we get back :) I love how honest you are, your posts are always so refreshing.