Friday, October 3, 2014

Some missing shots…and KM design!

I just found a small memory card that I had forgotten about from our awesome San Fransisco trip in June wiwth Justy and Lissy.  Just a few extra shots.  These first two are from our nice little lunch at the stinking rose…came HIGHLY recommended, but honestly probably our least favorite place we ate the whole trip.

 And then our long walks through China town….
 And on to KM Design.  haha.  Just kidding, but I AM super excited about this dress!  I LOVE making these!  So easy and so cute…sadly, this is my favorite one, and it BARELY fits around her…so it'll be pretty new when it comes to Ameila.  But Bibs is wearing it all weekend because I LOVE IT!!!!!!  It's just some fabric Danica gave me and the bottom is some trim that my mom had stashed away for a few decades.  And here is the pattern:

  Um, this one cracks me up! I said pose for me, put your hand up…yea, she's that cool!

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