Monday, September 29, 2014

I CANNOT believe it was 5 years ago that I had this kid! I still remember his pregnancy and labor and delivery like it was just a few months ago! I remember the doctors wanting to induce me since my babies kept getting bigger and bigger…they planned on this guy being around 12 or 13 pounds after #3 being over 11 pounds.   I went in for induction…and they did 3-4 rounds of PG gels and NOTHING….nurse "fingers" even came in and tried her magic…nada!  So I got up and started to head out…and GUSH!  There it began! 
I just love this kid to peices.  He's my most sensitive, goofy, hugging, calm kid. He still gets wound up a bit, but he's not as crazy as my first 3 were.   He's a thinker, and loves to do puzzles, "homework", and "read" books.  Not too much of an outdoorsy kid like the rest.  He does like ot be out there with them, but not interested in riding a bike at all, or doing anything semi dangerous.
He's had a countdown to his number 5 birthday for months and months…and every commercial that comes on, "mom, come look! I want this for my birthday!".  And the dude didn't get a single thing he asked for and he was perfectly happy!  He got some "new to him" cowboy boots, a shark dentist game, some trucks, some adorable little European swim shorts, and a toy gun.  He was SO excited for his shark party!  
He loved hitting his shark pinata…
His shark cake….
His shark watermelon….
and of course, riding the train with all of his buddies!  Happy number 5 birthday Pearcen Paul!   Even though you still want to stay 4 (and I want you to stay 4), I think 5 will be a great year!!!! LOVE YOU!

Now it's time for a little 5 year old Pearcen Interview….

Mom: Who is your favorite person in the whole world?

Pearce: Grandpa, because he's a little bit old and he has a truck.

M:  What is your favorite color?

P: Umm, BLUE!  Because blue is my favorite color.

M: What is your favorite tv show?

P: Paw Patrol, because it has talking puppies. And the talking puppies can ride cars.

M:  What is your favorite outfit?

P: THIS! My new swimming shorts!

M: What song do you love?

P: Bumpum Gungum Style

M:  Who is your best friend?

P: Stratton.  I like going to his house.  I like his smiles.

M:  WHat do you want to be when you grow up?

P: A motosisycle rider (yes, that's motosisycle)

M: What is your favorite book?
P: The firetruck library book

M: What are you really good at?
P: Dancing.  My dance class stuff.

M:  Where do you want to go on a vacation to?
P:  A lunch date to somewhere really far with burritos and salsa, but only avocado.

M: What is your favorite memory?
P: Playing with my toys from my birthday party

M:What would you by if you had $1000
P: A hugemongus monster truck so that daddy can ride it around the block with me.

M: Who is your biggest hero?
P:  Superman and Batman and dad.  Dad cause he's a big with bald hair.

M: What do you hope to do before your next birthday?
P: Get an army snake with batteries. I want to learn to weeeed! (read). Get a water bottle that's this big (putting his hands about 3" apart).  I want to be better at Miss Wendys and eat all of my food at Miss Wendys.

M: Whats your favorite thing that you do everyday?
P: Play with Vivian.  We play toys and matchy game, but vivian doesn't know how to play.

Great interview kid!  You've got a bright future…so bright you've gotta wear shades. :)

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