Monday, September 29, 2014

Happy Birthday to the best of the best!

Jana and I have been best friends for 15 years now! Pretty much since the day we met….but we grow so much closer each year as life presents us with new challenges to help each other through.   We've definately pulled each other out of some pretty crappy times, and enjoyed some super amazing times together as well.  We've all been in bed together (jase, craig too), to try and watch a movie…lasting 10 minutes before we were all zonked out.  Shared some awesome texts that make us cry from laughing, we've canned everything you can can, camped, road tripped, cook outs, double dates, ikea trips,  given/recieved advice on everything, vented, consoled, consulted, cried, laughed, sang, danced, cooked, baked, and about a billion other things together.  I'm grateful for all of my awsome friends, but this one has been there for me through it all…and continues to call or text me at least once a week to be sure that I'm still somewhat sane.
Even though it wasn't the best birthday weekend, I know this'll be an awesome year for both of us!  And hopefully we can get an up to date picture…with make up and hair done and not in our PJ's.  haha

September 2014…in all our real mommy glory!
1999…adorable with bangs!

Probably our first picture together….I was the messed up weirdo roomate (with make up that was wayyy to white)  and Jana was the gorgeous roomate that cooked and baked and made us all look good!

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