Wednesday, June 4, 2014

No More Elementary!!!!!

I have to start with a shot of my tiny baby who fell asleep in the corner of the sectional with me.   We were both so comfortable.  I just love looking at her chubby little arms and hands. I'm so incredibly sad that she's our last and she's now a toddler!!!! I LOVE holding her…especially when she's asleep.  Mmmm.
Now onto the big stuff.  This stud is done with elementary!   We put some balloons in the yard and a little banner up for him.  And of course I made him hold his kindergarten picture and do his hair the same.  OF COURSE!
 The school did a clap out where all of the classes line the halls and the parents make a tunnel in the gym and the 6th graders walk through while everyone claps for them.   We watched as all of the previous students got regular boring pictures with the teachers…um, and right when they saw this guy come up, they all went crazy.  Not sure if they just love him that much or are glad this is their last day with him.  haha…pretty sure they just love the little class clown.

 And a picture with his bestie…Garrett Ridell. These two are adorable because they're two of the shortest and have crushes on two of the tallest. I love it!  They're such good boys. I'm so sad they're going to different jr. highs. I hope they can stay best friends.

 Um, I know all mom's think their kid is the cutest, but he is.  Jaden is the cutest.
I love his jr. high guts!
 and I have to throw this one on to remember my awesome big 35th birthday dinner at Brio.  I love all these girls!  They make me so happy…so mixing them with Brio's molten lava cake and an extra side of vanilla bean gelato…..PURE HAPPINESS!!!!

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