Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Just the usual coolness around here.

So I was just going through my computer to get rid of all of my old photoshoots with clients…part of my life detox/simplify project (more on that in the next post) and I came a crossed these douses.   Um, how in the world did I miss posting this cool picture?!  So much coolness in one frame! I can't stand it!!!!!!!
 And then I found this adorable little series!  I walked back to the hallway because it was getting a little TOO quiet, but instead of the usual mess, I found her cuddling with Ellie and tucking her in!  She didn't even stop when I started snapping.  I LOVE this baby girl!!!

 And then I found some shots from a photo challenge that I was doing a while back. I'm sure there's more pics for it somewhere, but here's My favorite lunch. I LVOE when I'm not lazy enough to make this salad.  It's just greens, cucumber, quinoa, feta, tomatoes and balsamic.
 And the next challenge was "laundry".  I'm not embrassed to say that I probably have a stack of clean laundry waiting to be folded somewhere in my house AT ALL TIMES!  seriously.  Usually right by the couch, where Fox uses it as a bed….

 but sometimes it's on the couch in my bedroom….
 Another part of the challenge was YOUR BATHROOM.  It was hard for me to not pick up a bit before shooting, but then, seriously…how unreal would that be?!  My bathroom looks like this, 90% of the time!

Hopefully I can find the rest of the photo challenge pictures.   It'll be good to remember how messy and insane my life was 20 years from now right?

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Unknown said...

This is what life is all about right now! In 20 years your bathroom will always be clean and you will miss the mess! I've heard of people who have a lot of kids and they just stopped folding laundry. The kids just have a clean laundry basket and they just grab their clothes out of it. Simple as that! :)