Tuesday, June 17, 2014

San Fran…day 1

ok, I'm starting with the beginnings of my 35th birthday celebrations.  We started a week early with some sisterly/neicely love at Brio.  We missed our favorite Brio waitress/hotress because she was on vacay, but we had a good time and ate some awesome chocolate cake with double gelato!

 And of course, Dani and Breea know me so well as to get me an adorable anthro apron and ice cream bowl set, which were used immediately upon my arrival back home after shoveling down the chocolate cake….with some delicious mint chip ice cream.

 and then just a day or two after that..>Danica Made this!!!!

Baby Millie!  She's adorable, and perfect, and the cutest baby in the world!!!  I kinda got obsessed with her quickly, and creepily….
Now onto the trip!
Jason's Aunt Tami asked if I would take the pictures for her daughter, Sydney's wedding about 3 months ago.  I kindy declined, letting them know that I'm HORRIBLE at wedding pictures….they kinda begged, so I gave in.  Jase and I decided to make a birthday week out of it, and hit San Fran since we'e been wanting to go since our honeymoon 14 years ago…and then about a month ago, Justin and Elissa decided to come!   It was such a fun trip!  We hit EVERYTHING in the first day.
A little bit of Chinatown.  Mostly cheap crap, Asian food markets, and lots of paper lanterns.
After Chinatown it was time for some lunch, so we hit The Stinking Rose….(garlic)  It was alright, not our fav, but not bad either.

and then just up the street we hit Lombard street (behind us) which was beautiful and quite the hike to get to the bottom of it from where we were.

and seriously, it WAS a hike.  Here's one of my favorites that Lissy sent me of the traitorous  hike and how she felt about it!
 But worth the hike for a view of the city like this one!
 and of course I had to take one of the adorable Mr. and Mrs.  
After that we hit the Ghiradelli Factory for a few samples, some nice live music, a birthday cupcake and Kara's and some delicious ice cream. 
 A while after that we hit the Fisherman's Wharf and caught a ride on a  boat that went under the Golden Gate Bridge, and around Alcatraz.  It was pretty windy and cold, but a very cool tour.

and sometimes this is what I look like on a windblown boat. Not quite the Titanic girl I thought I'd be.

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