Thursday, July 25, 2013

back in the game..

About a year ago, my camera took a spill, and ever since, it hasn't had very good of focus (some of you may have noticed)...but I haven't said anything because I knew it would effect business.  So I have silently been working with a camera that I now know had a broken tracking system...which screws up the focus badly!  But alas I was able to get it fixed ($300, ugh!) and wahlah! I want to shoot my kids all day long again! I love it!  I kinda felt like my 7th kid was in recovery all year (foxxie counts as my 1st kid).   It all feels so complete now.  Ok ok, it felt complete before, but I like having confidence in my photogrpahy again.  Sorry to anyone who has had a shoot in the last 9 months.  Hopefully you were all happy with them....if not...I'll reshoot!!!!

So I started with the first thing I saw when popped my lens on....Pearcey Paul in time out!  He kinda goes to "the box" about 5x a day lately.  Sweetest kid ever unless he finds something he wants to throw, or a sweet 1 year old that he wants to push down right after he loves on her.  

 And then, Viv woke up, so I put her on the bed.  She wasn't very fond of it at first....

 but then she slowly started LOVING being in big sister's bed with all the big white fluffiness and billions of stuffed animals...

 She started poking noses and giving kisses to each of the stuffed friends.

 And then pearce found his place in front of the tv again.  My kids all LOVE Tv from the age of about 3-5.  It cracks me up.  and now my older 3 watch maybe half hour or an hour a day, and get bored.  But Pearce, we'll read books, do puzzles, he loves to help me bake/cook, but right when I say, 'what's your plan today?" He always says, "watch dora on da tv in yous woom"  I'm a bad mom, but he probably watches a good 2 hours of tv a day.  I still hold onto hope that he'll turn out a pretty decent man someday.

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