Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The littles....

There are days....few and far between, that I think of how awesome it will be to have no one here during those 8 magical hours in the middle of the day.   Last year was a year that a LOT of my friends hit that stage of life.  They were all super excited...and I guess you do get to a point where you're happy for it.  But I can't imagine not having these 2 to tote around with me everywhere I go, and ask me to do puzzles with them, and ask me to come cuddle and watch some goofy show. I love that they want to help me with whatever I'm doing/making.  I love that Vivian will crawl to wherever I am and get on her knees and reach up for me. I love that Pearce plays and plays and plays and makes Vivian happy and gives me hourly reports on what she's doing and then he decides to fall asleep.  Sometimes he'll quiletly go to his bed, and other times he'll play with his trucks until his little eyes won't stay opened any longer. I know when that day comes I'll be able to get so much more done each day, but I can't imagine not having someone here to cuddle with, or play with, or even clean up after...and I know in a few months, I might read this and think I was insane...but for the last few months, I LOVE these littles.  I wish we could freeze them at this age forever.  
 Some of my favorite things about Pearceman are that he always has a car in his hand.  He seriously takes his cars everywhere. I find them in the wash, i find them all over the car, in the tub, in the pantry, in the couch, ALL OVER.  He LOVES cars.  And he's always got a pocketful of change...except on Friday evenings.  He finds and saves as many coins as he can, and keeps them in his pocket and changes them to the next days pants pocket until FRIDAY!  Friday is the day the ice cream truck goes by, and he's always prepared.
And of coarse, a little picture of Bibbian on her last day as a 0 year old.

 And I've had a few friends want to see my chore chart.  I got the idea from my friend Jana...her's is a lot better.  She has a bunch of $1 bills up top and a list of  extra jobs that they can earn a buck for.  If my kids ever get good at doing their daily chores, we might start that.

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Brian and Monica Mortensen said...

I really like your daily chore chart. I might start popping out more kids in order to have one just like that hahaha