Tuesday, July 24, 2012

9 years, rain and Bib!

Jaden is THE sweetest big brother for Viv ever! He loves to make her smile, loves to cuddle her, loves to feed her and he always calls her "Gorgeous" I love it! So when he was done running through the sprinklers and she was between changes, I had to snap a few of them cuddling. I hope he always loves her this much!
 Monsoon season has started and the kids love it.  They love to run around the back yard when it rains.  The other day they were racing from one end of the backyard to the other....it went well until...
 Pearce realized he was losing....
 And Vivvy, she's so much fun.  Even though I wear stretchy pants, t shirts and flip flops EVERYDAY, she wears a couple of adorable outfits everyday.
 and Kam turned 9!  NINE!  What the heck. I just delivered her at Chandler Regional and had gramsicle and aunt vonda come over to hold her in the Tempe condo.  And then 9 years happened.  Ugh!  Why?!!!!!
 We decided to do a baking party for her.  We made tons of loft house sugar cookies with lots of colors of frosting, and of coarse tons of sprinkles and chocolate milk.  Then we watched Mirror Mirror and opened presents. I now realized, we didn't sing happy birthday.  Can we still do a birthday cake a month late?  I think we will...that's just how we roll anymore.

 And baby Bibby loves Aunt Lissy.  She really was asleep, but I think the click of the camera woke her.


Keith Jones said...

Happy day the Kam! Are these pictures of your new house? Like! BAby Bibby is perfect!

Unknown said...

that top picture IS. TO. DIE. FORRR. her smile that looks asian makes me soooo crazy obsessed. and with her older brother. UGHHHHHHHhhh so cuteeeeeee!