Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Freaks of California!

This summer,  we did a lot less vacationing than we did last summer, and last summer we did a lot less vacationing than ever before.  This summer was fun though.  We got to move and go to grandma and grandpa's a few times, and go to Flagstaff, and finally last week we stayed at a fun hotel in Phoenix, and then went to California for a few days...barely getting home a few hours before school started. haha .

This is just an adorable shot of my little round headed baby Bibby on the quilt I made her that took, um, seriously, 8 months to finish and it's only crib sized...I'm just a slacker!
 And my surfer girl Kam.  Her and Jaden LIVED in the ocean...which had me scared on the sidelines with the little ones. I had to look after every wave to see 2 heads pop back up.  Luckily they liked to stick together and keep an eye on each other.

 Vivian was awesome.  We just set up our beach umbrellas, a blanket and pillow and she was good to chill for a few hours.  Um, and these sandy toes are probably the CUTEST!
 This guy fit right in....good looking, relaxed, great at surfing and sweet!  I just love how excited he was about everything we got to do there. When we'd say that we were going to play in the ocean, he was so excited, when we said we were going to get free breakfast, he was so excited.  He's an awesome dude.
 Again, with the chillaxing....
 And this guy loved being in the ocean, as long as he had his life jacket and dad with him, otherwise, he was in the sand with me and Pearce and Vivvy.  He LOVES to dig, so he dug a hole to put himself into.  I sculpted some nice round ones and he said, "yay!  I have boobs!".  Hmm, don't know how I feel about that.
 This is the "we love the beach even though everyone there thought we were too big of a family and had to ask< "are they all yours?!", or stare because no one else there had more than 2 kids" dance.....

 Ugh, still taking up half of any picture, but here's our only family shot....dont' know why J is trying to strangle B. Some fisherman took it for us....didn't count, obviously.
 This was before we got to get in the water...the kids LOVED watching the surfers.
 haha, this was hilarious!  The pelican was HUGE and the kids were slowly backing up to it...Jaden was the most brave and got the closest.
 a very rare moment that I get these two on the beach with me in the sand.
 This guy was hilarious to watch.  He would go out til the water touched his toes, then RUUUUUN back.  one time, some water came in quickly and took him down.  Scared the crap out of both of us!
 Chillaxing #3
 My favorite shot of the trip!
 My little pros!  I wish the instructors would have taken them out farther.  They both got up every time...cake!  Next time I guess.

Awesome huge sno cone.
On the last day, Sunday, we just played in the sand and mud.
 Jase and the kids tried to catch oysters and shrimp like some pros that were there...but they weren't fast enough.


It was an awesome trip!  Hopefully we'll be making the same trip in a month or so!!!!


Keith Jones said...

Love your cocoa brown babies! Nothing better that playing at the beach! Except for maybe playing at the beach with cousins, ya that would be bettter!
And you look great!

Jamie Y. said...

I sat behind your little babes in church today and I just had to tell you that she is freaking adorable! I love your blog too, you take such amazing pictures.

Jamie Y. said...
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Rachael Mulder said...

those pictures of vivian are to die for. probably because SHE is to die for! so sweet. and that bum??!!!??! so delicious. you look great lady! LOVE the family pic! you never have enough of those misss! they're getting so big, my goodness!