Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So I took quite a break from blogging due to being overwhelmed, over worked, under slept and under paid.  ha!
We moved again.  Into a less dark, dungeony, bigger house.  So much easier to get things done, to love my kids, to COOK and to breath here.  We still have a garage full of boxes for me to unpack, but it's pretty cozy already.

Of coarse, I'm going to start this blog post with Bib!  She's amazing.  She is such an easy sweet baby.  I LOVE to sneak into her room while she's sleeping and throw a hat or headband on her and snap away.  I know I don't have much longer til this wakes her, but I love it. I love her fat wittle wips, I love her chubby soft cheeks, and I LOVE her squishy fat thighs!  She's awesome!

 And this guy, this poor poor guy.  His schedule has been the most muttled of anyone's in the family.  Someimtes he gets a nap, sometimes it at noon, sometimes it's at 4pm.  Sometimes I let him sleep for 4 hours, sometimes I have to wake him up after an hour.  But I have vowed, starting this week to let him get at least 2 hours before 5pm.  He trashed my room last week, and then fell asleep like this....
 This summer is another summer w/o many trips.  Which stinks even more living out here because all of the kids friends go on trips most every week...big long fun trips.  Jaden's best friend..Europe for a month, another friend, Hawaii for a month, and all of our new neighbor friends are leaving this Friday together to go to California for a few weeks.  So we've decided to find all the fun local stuff.  Yesterday we went to the library, boston's swimming lessons, the dollar store, the frozen yogurt store, and the power ranch pool with some friends.  Today we did swimming lessons, the summer kid's movies, then had other neighbor friends over to play in the sprinklers all afternoon with a load of otter pops.  now they are all at a birthday party.  yay! But last week we went to Shnepf Farms and picked peaches and pears and some vegetables . We had a great time.  The kids loved it.
 I think we got the end of it all.  The plums weren't too shabby, but the peaches weren't my favorite.

 This guy loved it.  He LOVES fruits and vegetables. I wish he would rub off more on his sister in that way.  I think he ate 5 plums before we got up to the check out.  He couldn't resist.

 and this one...this one sat in the stroller doing THIS the whole time...
 Check out!

 and then we went to the vegetable garden....VERY sparse by the time we got there.
 So we decided to check out a local cat. Probably had some weird disease, but he was cute.
 And again with the smiling...Vivvy.
 My adorable, fantastic, amazing, tiring family!!!!!
 I honestly feel like Jaden was just barely the same size as Pearce.  It's weird that he's so big.

 This is disgusting, but it's the only picture I have of me with my baby.
 Cutest little whiney face EVER!!!!
 And we ended with breakfast at the Shnepf's bakery/cafe.
Pretty sure we'll be hitting Shnepf's again soon!!!!


Miken Harding said...

You inspire me! I love you and miss you tons! Your family and you are beautiful!!! Hope to see you in August when we are there for a wedding!

Tamee said...

That is the sweetest face on the Pearce, sad but sweet too. Did you get a cat? Baby Biddy has yummy lips! I want to kiss them.

kAyLa GuTtErY said...

Oh...my...gosh! When are we going to skype! I STILL havent seen Bibs!!! Love her already though! That smile kills me!

alison said...

Kristal, you are gorgeous and I am in love with your beautiful family. Looks like you guys are having a nice summer, even without the trips! I miss you, we will be back in AZ for my sis in laws wedding in Aug, but we will literally be in the Phx area for less than 24 hours :( I feel like I will never get to see you...