Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break n such

I took this pictures this week...see anything super adorably naked in it?
 And Vivvy's room is FINISHED!  Finally!!!!!
 She's just cute
 This picture sucks, but this side of the room is really sweet.
 And here is a picture of Pearcen, ready for church.  Just missing a little something
 and this guy! Oh my gosh, this guy could eat all day.  Um, and he does.  His favorite is to mix 2 or 3 kinds of cereal.
 And this is Vivian with her BFF Jessalee.  They're about the same size and both like to eat.
 I LOVE this little board that Tessa made for Kamryn.  We have had it around the house for months now.  We love it!!!!
 And now to spring  break.  Of coarse we didn't go anywhere because the first day of spring break Vivian decided to come.  So we tried to find fun things around here.  We went to the play area at the mall a lot, and the kids wanted to do the hurricane was pretty dumb, but funny to watch.  Pearcen bailed the second it started getting a little breezy.

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Tamee said...

We all want Boston to come play, oh, and Pearce for Alina.
Oh and Kamryn and Jaden. I just want to hold Vivvy.