Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New England...

Ah, and now on to my favorite part of the trip...New England! It was amazing. I'll start out with our favorite, highly recomended resturant... The Friendly Toast. We ate all 3 New Englandish breakfasts there....soo good! They had TONS of super unique breakfasts, pumkin stuff, lots of peanut butter stuff, crazy avacado omlettes, etc... And their decor was super retro. Jase and I saw a few things on their walls that reminded us of things when we were kids. And the staff was awesome. The guys all looked like they just woke up and threw whatever plaid thing they could find on, and a beanie, and the girls were all tatooed up with black hair, and ALL of them were SOO friendly. We loved it there!

I miss it

Portsmouth, NH is where we'd move if we were forced to leave our current circumstances. ALL of the streets look like this. The houses were all amazing, everything was soo clean and EVERY SINGLE PERSON THERE was so friendly, like they'd known us forever. It was almost creepy, but such a great chance from the previous (NYC) where everyone glared at us for smiling.
This is me in front of my favorite...Stonewall Kitchen. I LOVE IT THERE! i wanna own one.
And if we were ever, heaven forbid, forced to move to the amazing Hamptons, we'd live in this house. Can't see all of it here, but just trust me, it's screaming our name.
And we'd go to this church...right after we went to the LDS church every Sunday...just cause it's cool looking.
And no doubt! We'd eat these Pumpkin Whoopie pies EVERYDAY! My new favorite fall dessert. I bought a mix to make them, they bettered be as amazing as this one was.
Ah, and now onto Maine...and it's amazing light houses. It was crazy to see them in real life. They're awesome. I felt like we were seeing some super endangered animal or something.
Ah, and the picture that motivated me to get back on weight watchers. haha. But seriously, doesn't it look like we're in a painting? It was amazing. Oh, and it was great to find somone that actually knew how to work my camera to take the pictures. There was this old guy with my same camera, and he was excited to take the picture. Thanks old guy.

This one was my favorite. I only wish we could have gone up it.

And this one was super super far out there, I think it's about to fall apart. But I thought I'd include it since it's rusticly looking.
Ahh, I love New England. I really don't understand why we're all not living there. But anyway, more to come from Maine, NH, and Boston!


Ashley Lois said...

those lighthouses are so cool! you definitely just went on one of my dream vacations. i would LOVE to go back east and do all of this stuff!

Elissa said...

lets both go in and buy another friendly toast store. it looked soo adorable. love the lighthouses, and your beanie, and pumpkin whoopie sounds interesting?!!!!

Unknown said...

We honeymooned in Portsmouth area. I'm from Mass...This time of year I really miss it. Why the heck are we living out here anyway??

Scott, Tauna and Camille said...

It's so funny that you would ask that question at the end, "Why are we all not living there?" That is what I asked my family the whole time we lived in New England! I miss it more than anything! I would move back there in a heartbeat. It's more a part of me than Arizona is - that's really saying something. It was surreal living there. It really was!

Mary said...

I LOVE New England! But it's too liberal...haha. I'd die.

You're SUPER skinny, LOVE the boots, LOVE your trip. Jealous.

Kristal said...

Lissy, Friendly Toast FOR SURE! They just opened up another one, but it's on the east coast too, so let's bring it westward!

Tauna....you LIVED THERE?! I couldn't imagine

And Mary, you're right, but there's gotta be a few good conservatives somewhere up there...right? We'll move there if you will. haha.
Oh, and NOT super skinny at all. in fact, the same size I was since Pearce was 4 months old!!!!! I've given up pretty much. I'm on WW right now...day 3. haha, but I have 12 to go.
but thanks

scooping it up said...

there are a few conservatives, but not many! :) love your pictures, so wish we could have seen you and gone on a double date with ya! next time....