Saturday, October 9, 2010

I {heart} October 10th!

For two months I have stressed at least once a week about it.
For two months I've wondered, "are these projects really cool enough?"
For two months I've cut paper, wood, ordered buttons, paper, ribbon, bottle caps, printed templates.
For two months I've been waiting for October 9th at noon to be here!
IT"S HERE! And although I'm the first to be in the "I hate kitten posters" line...this is how I feel!!!!
Stuper Saturday is OVER!!!!! I have vowed to never do one again. Although I hope someone does. And I hope I get to help with the projects. I just DO NOT LIKE BEING IN CHARGE! It went fantastic, low stress, most everyone got their projects done, and most everyone has been paid. I LOVE my temple pictures for my kids rooms, and I LOVE my Menu fact, I love it so much that I'm going to take a picture and do a giveaway on here. (yes, Ash, I know I still owe you a handmade something, and I still have it cut out and pinned, I WILL get it done....{heart}U).

And of coarse, what blog post would be complete without a little....

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