Thursday, May 20, 2010

What I did today....

Woke up at 5, laid in bed for a good 15 minutes trying to convince myself that that Waldo's BBQ sandwich wasn't bad enough to have to swim a mile this morning.
5:20: got up and swam a mile
6:00: took a shower
6:20: made sweet potatoe pancakes for the kids and a shake for me (plus some rice chips)
7:00 : got chores going
7:55: got jaden on the bus, made grocery list, headed up to lampsas to deliver food
8:10: packed up pearcey, took him to my dad, went into town to get my hair done
10:30: got home, listened to messages, freaked out that I missed the meeting that I PLANNED that was AT MY HOUSE.
11:00 : called my enrichment commitee to apologize
11:30: laid pearce down, went to pick up jaden, got home, made lunch for him.
12:05 : took kids to school
12:30: blog
1: workout
1:30: get boston's shag trimmed up
3: clean up the house
3:30 : kids get home, invite friends over since we have been pawning our kids off everywhere this week
The rest of the day hopefully just involves making hamuburgers and cucumber salad and corn, popping popcorn and watching a movie
But will MOST LIKELY involve breaking up fights, helping with home work, making the perfect "home snack", wiping butts, cleaning up spills, vaccuming, running something to Jase at the office, making dinner, putting the kids to bed, popping popcorn, then falling asleep on the couch the second it's done....then waking up an hour or 2 later so I can retire to my bed.
Love my Life!

For real.
I just had to post these amazing rice chips because I thought I was gunna throw up when I noticed that I ordered 3 bags, but my gosh! Good thing...we went through the first bag in a day. We all LOVE THEM. They're sooo good. Go get some!


Biddle Family said...

WE LOVE those rice chips!!!
they are the best thing EVER... I love them with guac(avocado) , brown rice and a little salsa!!
Scott just saw the pic of the chips and said ooooh who eats those too.. they're the BEST!!!

see ya tonight!

Kristal said...

yup, we're pretty much the exact same preson cept you're not bald.

RACHAEL said...

you are the BEST mom :]

Woodside's said...

Fun day! I am a little bit jealous though that you can get up a 5 am to swim. I would DIE! Of course lately I have not been sleeping great and waking early so maybe I need to do something productive with my lack of sleep:)