Thursday, May 27, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

I know May's are always busy, but the last 2 weeks have been crazy crazy busy, and since I'm super lame, and too busy today to fix this, I'm doing things in reverse, cause that's how the pictures uploaded. So this was the end of our trip to the valley.....ALL of us girls and MOST of our kids met at this awesome park on a greenbelt by Paula's new house for a picnic for my ma n pa's 50th. It was a lot of fun. These two were the cutest things there. I over exposed all of the pictures, cause I'm lame like that, but just know that they are really cute babies and I want to eat them both up!
Right before the picnic Jase and Jaden and I went to the temple dedication. We loved it. Jaden, um, loved the first hour then got bored.
Saturday night was the reception. It was AMAZING...seriously probalby my favorite reception ever. So much fun. All kinds of crazy food, awesome decorations, super fun colors, and the best of the best people! I loved it! This is sadly one of only 2 pictures taken of me and well, just look......

Ah, but very last moment (after 9pm) I managed to SQUEEZE in a shot of the whole Gut family. SO CUTE!
Sparklers! I forgot to mention there were sparklers! They were awesome! I'm not the best at shooting at night, you all know this, but just know again, it was more amazing in real life!
Her cute bridesmaids (4 are my neices)
Um, this may have been one of the highlights of the night for me.....Jamison aka diet satan came up with the genius idea of putting ice cream between 2 cookies then rolling it in reeces peices.....he begiled me and I did partake. YUM!
defaintely the 2 cutest girls there. They even matched the cake. I LOVE these 2.
another yummy shot of the bridesmaides.
cutest boy of the night
And Friday evening was the wedding and it was perfect. This is the happy couples first kiss as a married couple (other than the kiss at the wedding)
Saturday night we also were able to go to Elissa's mom's funeral. It was a VERY sad funeral, but it was great and I'm glad we were able to go. It was a sad week last week with all of my thoughts on my BFF Lissy and her sadness. When I think about what happened I'm still in complete shock and can't believe it. But I know Heavenly Father knows what he's doing.

And on a completely different note.....biggest loser 2010 bikini challenge ends tomorrow...I'm in 2nd but need to lose a good 3lbs to secure that. Swam 51 laps today, walked a mile and it's only 11, hopefully I can burn a few thousand more calories before the days end and not eat anymore calories...unhealthy, yes, I know, but that's how the day before final weigh in is...get used to it suckas!


RACHAEL said...

cute wedding! i love the grey and yellow. and you ARE CRAZY!!! you are going to be totally hot in that bikini girrrl! i'm so sorry about elissa's mom :(. i don't know what happened but it sound sad. send her some love from dan and i.

Jarrod & Lisa said...

One thing your family knows how to do well is PARTY! Looks like a lot of fun. The babies look like they could be twins.

j&krosser said...

I love all the wedding pictures! The sparklers is such a great idea.