Monday, March 29, 2010


Ok, we just got a new computer and I don't know how to download pictures yet. So for now...2 lovely stories.
Today kam brought home her school pictures and it's the most messed up thing you've ever seen. The picture is fine, but she was between a blink, doing a cheesy smile and lookslike she was squigling her nose. She said, "did you take this?" and I said, "nope, the school photographer did". She said, "Oh, well, they reall messed up my face". haha, I love her
Ok, and this last saturday we went to Flag and at lunch at Wildflowers and all 6 of us were in a 4 person booth, Jase and I on the ends of coarse, to keep the rest caged in. They were all being good, then all of a sudden the man on the other side of the divider gets up and over the divider and says, "maam, (while holding a peice of bread that WAS in Boston's hand), can you please contain your child?" We starred for a minute...he didn't go away, I didn't answer...then Jase and I started to laugh, then the kids did. The dork sat down, and we carried on. I love the childrenless older people. Get a life!

Ok, for now, nothing new or exciting. Biggest loser summer challenge starts Friday, i'm MUCH in need of that. Chickens still don't stay in their cage. Garage is cleaned out. Kamryn hasn't cut her hair yet this year. Pearce is the most perfect baby. Kayla is getting married. Jase and I are both getting more bald. Jaden still sings and dances all day, Boston ran away from home w/o pants or shoes on and was returned by a stranger and we're going antique shopping with our favorite little family, then spending saturday dress shopping, girl's lunching, zooing and girl's dinnering...couldn't be better! That's our week.


Biddle Family said...

ummm.. you forgot to add the biddles in your week!
thanks alot!

Kristal said...

There fixed. how could i be so stupid. We're all looking fwd to this weekend!

Ashley Lois said...

bahaha "can you please contain your child?" oh gosh, some people are so ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

I love that you guys bust up laughing, that is priceless!

Melissa Fullmer said...

wow, you guys are awesome!