Monday, April 10, 2017

Cruising with my peeps

Mom and Dad have waited take their kids on a trip, and finally last year was able to plan it.   We decided on a cruise and it was amazing!  We left on a Sunday and got back on a Sunday.  Flew to Houston, met the Jones and cruised out and went to Cozumel Mexico, the Grand Caymans and Jamaica.  
This was the first day as we were taking off....the girls were just sitting back relaxing...and the boys....
 standing by the edge talking about the ship.
 We played a lot of cards, shuffleboard and hit all of the shows.  The comedians were hilarious, the ice show was ok, and the last night musical was lame I guess...I was sleeping right through it.
 The first stop was Cozumel and we rented jeeps and toured around a bit before we found a great little beach where the girls parked it and the boys snorkeled for a bit then we all ate.
 Us and our beach boys right before we took off.
 Every night we met at the same table at 5:30 with the same awesome waiters.  Dress up night was fun even though I never got around to buying a fancy dress...I figured a big ugly necklace and an updo will dress up any dress enough.
 The whole gang for dress up night #2.
 We took a lot of pictures of these fine people, and these ones are my favorite!  Dad does NOT LIKE pictures...he talks his way right through them.  Honestly, my sisters and I rarely get a picture where dad isn't talking.  It's hilarious.  And mom is always by his side looking as adorable as ever!
 but I LOOVE these's his real smile because our little Indian waiter came right up and said he's his son and gave him a big hug on the last night.

 Our waiters were amazing.  They even knew by the last night to bring me chocolate milk and sliders before I even ordered (yup, gained 8 pounds in a 8 days)
 It was such a fun trip and we were lucky enough to get to bring Caitee Jo.  She got home from her mission just a day before we left, so we couldn't just ditch her.   Here's a shot of Tru and her at the airport...he was teething big time, but obviously very happy to see her.
 And this last week I was lucky enough to have Zane sneak up here for some senior pictures.  I LOVE THIS KID!!! He's so sweet and caring and smiley and happy...and obviously good looking!
 Vivian came with us because Caitee was there and Viv loves of course I snapped a quick shot of V in this dead old field.

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