Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A day in the life on Mom Mulder 2017

I decided I needed to write a typical day since I went back about 8 or 9 years ago (3 or 4 kids ago) and read a typical day and was amazed at all the time I had to workout, quilt, do puzzles with the littles and make awesome meals for every meal!

5: wake up, don't get up.
5:30 : Jase gets up to go to the gym.
5:45 : Jase goes to gym, I get out of bed and change into workout clothes and start a Jillian Michaels yoga.
6: Boston wakes up and I tell him it's not time, but he's up anyway, so Jillian must go, so I wake everyone else up to get going on zones.
6:45 : I start breakfast, which today was easy...yesterday's waffles in the toaster.
7: Jase stumbles in, I make the kids come to the table and turn on a conference talk (since we missed conference last weekend)
7:20 : everyone cleans up, I brush hair, check rooms, feed Tru, clean him up.
735 : I take the first "bus" to school, which only Kam and Jaden caught.
7:45 : I take the second "bus" with Pearcen and Boston.
7:55 : come home to finish cleaning and change Truman.
8:30 : a load of laundry switched, folded, put away.
9:  Dress Viv and Tru
9:15 : Take V to dance...realize I'm 15 minutes early, take package to UPS to ship.
9:30 : take V to dance...where she begs me to stay and watch, so I stay and watch and write my grocery list with tru's help.
10:15: Grab a quick lunch for V.
10:35 : Take V home to get her backpack and change out of dance clothes
10:45. Take V to preschool.
11: get home, change Tru, lay him down, do some more laundry then get interrupted by a guy wanting to sell me a super awesome huge galvanized trough for a pool/garden.
11:30: Figure out where all of this weeks money has already gone (first of the month, dance, piano, voice, preschool, restock fridge from trip, baseball pants and shoes)
12: Start 60 minute Turbo Fire
12:30 : Tru wakes up.  Feed him some baby food and grapes.
1 : Vivian gets home from preschool by walking with dad, but dad stayed to "play with the neighbor" (to see how his wife is doing...leukemia)
130 : Feed Vivian some grapes, turn on Beauty and the Beast so I can finish that load of laundry.
2: make this weeks meal plan and finish grocery list.
2:30 : lay Vivian down and start dinner.
3: Pearce and Boss get home and I have to weigh and measure them for the special olympics track program.
3:30 : Bathe Tru since he pooped all over.  Change his bedding.
3:50 Lay Tru back down
3:55: Run Boss to baseball
4: Finish Turbo Fire
4:30 : Kam gets home
4:40 : Jaden gets home. I sit down to write this...and here's the rest of my day...

5:10 : Go pick up Pearcen from the neighbors and take him to piano then come home to check on dinner
5:30: Jase might be home, and I'll go pick up Boston from baseball and drop him off at home.
5:45 : Pick up Pearen from piano.
6: Make everyone sit down and eat these delicious crock pot tacos!!!
6:25: Clean up a bit, then load everyone up to go to Boston's pack meeting.
7:30 : get back home and finish cleaning up.  Throw a couple of kids in the bath.
8: Lay Tru down.  Jase reads with one and I read with the other of Pearcen and Vivian and Boss reads to himself
8:30, middle 3 go down and J and I watch some TV with the older two or help them with their homework.
9:30: Older two go down. and I either clean,  fold laundry and watch more TV, write down goals, read old goals, Pin, or hopefully I'll get the energy to do a last minute workout.
10:30-11:30: BEEEEDDDDDD!!!!!!

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