Monday, March 6, 2017

Vivian Turns 5!!!! or 2.

For Vivian's birthday, Jase and I decided to take a couple of hours out of our DL adventures and take the 3 littles to a character dinner, so we hit Goofy's Kitchen.  I really wish I would have taken video.  Vivian and Pearcen were SO excited to see everyone!!!  
 Truman was indifferent.  He could take or leave Goofy and be fine.
 Vivian was so glad there was a girl character!

 These guys had a great time and had fun at the buffet, especially the dessert part.
It's pretty sad that Vivian is ALREADY 5!  All year she's been saying she's going to turn 2 on her next birthday, I wish she could.  But sadly, it's 5.  Kindergarten year.  The last 5 years have been a struggle for me.  Something in my brain is off, and there have been a lot of challenges in our family, but thankfully this little girl is truly my Sunshine!  She learned how to sing that song at 2 and still sings it all the time...and even wants a Sunshine birthday party.  She's so happy and hoppy and lovey! She makes my day everyday!

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