Tuesday, January 26, 2016


So we haven't had internet for 6 months because of the house we lived in…but we moved on Saturday and have internet!!!! I'm so happy!  I felt like such a pioneer! (seriously!)  So I'm going to do a bit of catching up, even though this pregnancy put EVERYTHING on hold, including my photo taking, and remember the day before…everyday….so I'll do catch up as much as I remember and have pictures for.  We'll start with yesterday.   These two are so excited to be in a house with a bathtub big enough for both of them to be in it at the same time…even though, yes, I know he's getting a bit old to bathe with his sister….back off…they're adorable!   they loved laying back, plugging their ears, closing their eyes and screaming.  I….did NOT love it so much, but I thought they looked cute, so before I made them be quiet, I snapped this cute picture.   Makes me realize how much alike they look.  Good thing it's a great look.   Vivvy is So excited to have a baby brother.  Every couple of days she asks me, "this many (holding up her hand) days until the baby comes out?".  Sadly I have to tell her more like this (flashing both hands 3x).  She keeps saying she wants to hold him and squeeze him and pinch his bummy like everyone pinches hers.  I love it! Pearcey is LOVING kindergarten.  Him and Boston both got taken to lunch for getting straight A's…and pearce is reading about 90% of the day, or asking what something spells. He's loving learning.  And starting yesterday he gets to ride the bus with his big bros and sister.  
 14 years old!!!!! Jaden is a teacher now!  He had his first girl boy party…an airsoft war!   It lasted for hours and hours and everyone had a great time while I stayed inside and prayed that no one lost an eye since he had his tooth chipped by a bebe the week before.

 The week before that we made gingerbread houses with grandma and grandpa.  I can't find the pictures, but when I do i'll post em all.
 And of course, my Christmas Sunday kids….they were a bit freezing as you can tell from their "hurry up" smiles, but I LOVE that my girls can still wear matching dresses!!!!

As for me, I'm still incubating a big…big ole baby.  He was measuring 6.8 pounds 2 weeks ago and I still have 3 weeks to go.  Could be another Boston….hopefully it is…but just smaller.  I just can't wait to get him out and have our whole family here and know that I never have to be pregnant again.  As much as I LOVE having babies, including giving birth, I have NOT liked these last 3 pregnancies, especially this one.  Age has played it's tole on me.  Ailments including a 5 month crazy barking cough, that cracked 3 rips and has now been passed to Vivian, which freaks me out for her and for this upcoming baby…..mice invasion, leaks in the house, pink eye, sleeping 0-5 hours each night every night for the last 6 months, 22 weeks of my worst morning sickness, skin tags!  Yes, skin tags..>I guess it happens with growth hromones, I hope they go away, leg going numb sporadically, heartburn, incredibly dry hair, skin, mouth, eyes, everything!!!!!  And of course, Monday madeness.  Every monday when jase would leave, crap would happen….the big old stubborn pigs would get out and crosss the creek, Gus would run away for a day or two, pitbulls would move in next door, a kid would get beat up at school, Vivian would be up all night, just something to stress me out!  I think it's all to be my clear sign that this IS our last baby.  I cant' wait to meet this guy and bring him home and teach him to sleep and sleep again myself someday.

In other news….we bought land!  A beautiful pasture at the top of a hill in Taylor.  Just unde 2 acres and we're going to start building in a couple of months.  I can't wait! I can't wait to own a place of my own, be setteled and just raise my kids!!!!!!  My dream!  FINALLY coming to pass.  Only had to endure 14 rentals, living with parents twice and a year and a half in our other home that we owned.  Can't wait.

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