Thursday, January 15, 2015

For Christmas, 3 of us got new bikes.  So now we can go on bike rides with these two little monkies on the front and back of Jase's bike.  THEY LOVE bundling up and going for rides.  They were patiently waiting….for about an hour, for the rest of us to get ready for a bike ride.  They just sat on Vivian's blanket, and got up and threw a ball on the roof for a bit…then sat back down. I asked them to give each other a big hug so I could snap a cute pic….it turned out hilarious….

 Then I asked them to show me sad faces….

 Then mean faces….
 Then silly faces…
 Then happy faces….

I had no idea I would be this sad…daily…about these two babies growing up.  Everyday I beg them to stop growing, and they say they won't…but I STILL remember my dad saying the same thing to me, and I told him I wouldn't grow up.  ugh!    I hate how fast the time flies now. I hate it!  Pearce was just singing on the potty learning to use it…and Vivian was just born…seriously…seems like just a few months ago.   I LOVE how much fun they have together.  We'll be sad to lose pearce to kindergarten this next year.  STOP GROWING UP KIDS!!!!!

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