Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A day in the life of…

I know that most of the things I post on here are just regular days in the life of these guys….but for a couple of days I decided to just follow them arround and take shots of the everyday thigns they do…enjoy.

Of course, everyday starts with a spinach shake….sometimes it takes an hour, sometimes it takes 5 minutes…usually depending on how many grapes and bananas we have on hand. 
 Then they play with whatever they feel like for a while…usually, cars, bubbles, fake food, or puzzles.

 Then they start to go crazy….so I pop on some Nick Jr.

 Then I feel guilt after a show or two and have them play in the toy room….this day they chose books and trains.

 Somedays…MOST days they keep breakfast on their faces til lunch and their bedhead is the fashion of the day.  Clothes…always optional with the Mulders.

 This day we got to go swimming with our buddy Stratton.  Always makes for a good time.

Vivian got worn out very quickly…and just laid across my legs for the last half hour of swim time.
 Lucky me…she's a lovely sleeper and transports from legs, to car to bed nicely.

And the ride home from the pool was enough to put this guy out.  We've been bless with AMAZING sleepers and AMAZING eaters. Two things I'm always so grateful for.
 This is the next day's naps. I'm a sleep stalker.  At least once a week I take pictures of one or more of my kids sleeping.  I love how adorable they are when they're asleep! I want to slurp their cheeks offf!!!
 This guys STILL, at almost 5 years old, gets excited for quiet time….goes right in and picks out a few books, "reads" until he falls asleep..and will sleep up to 4 hours if I let him….of course, he'll be my night owl that night if I let him go past 2 hours.  Gotta choose.

 This was in June….I'd like to do another one for fall since they already do different things each day…I love it…and I'm going to desperately miss these littles!!!!


foreveryoung said...

I love this. It's definitely the daily little things you want to remember but will most likely forget. I absolutely love her little swimsuit and I am so jealous you still have a napper at 5 years old!

foreveryoung said...
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foreveryoung said...

I loved getting your comment on my blog, you always have something funny and witty to say :) As for the important things in life, my extensions are the clip in kind and I love them. No hair loss when they come out and they last longer because you're not washing them as often. I think your hair looks so fabulous short, but if you're in the market they are kind of fun!