Thursday, July 24, 2014

My baby….

I'm so in love with this baby girl!  SO IN LOVE! She drives me crazy all day and melts my heart all day.  She LOVES to kiss.  Kiss kiss kiss all over my face and arms.  She'll walk up out of no where just to kiss my arm or hand.   and she whispers in my ear, "I want to kiss your face!"  Then she puts about 10 kisses all over  my cheeks.  (she learned that one from me). She comes running to me crying "mommy!"  When she's hurt.  She prefers me to anyone. (sometimes when she's mad at me, she runs to Kam, or yells for dad) She loves to pick out miss matched shoes a few times a day.  She wants to wear her dora PJ bottoms with every shirt.  She loves having her hair done, and putting on "wip" (lip gloss).  She loves holding hands and saying, "one….two….freeeeee!" as we throw her up in the air.  I want to freeze her. I'm going to miss this little 2 year old phase so badly….in all of my babies.   I cry weekly about being done having kids….but you can't have em forever just to keep a toddler around. 

I want to take a picture of her everyday!  EVERYDAY!  So I can remember how fun she is.


Erika said...

Hey Kristal!! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I've looked at yours a few times and have also marveled at how grown up your kids are! Crazy how that happens. :) I'm glad you blog too. I love having it to look back on and documenting the things I will forget. I will have to read yours more often. Your little girl is adorable and makes me excited for my fifth! I hope I'm ready!! Thanks again.

foreveryoung said...

Love these pictures and so glad I got to sneak in a few little squeezes with that adorable baby of yours!