Friday, July 18, 2014


My little tiny baby Kamryn is now a medium sized 11 year old!  I remember playing with her when she was tiny and chubby in texas and watching her swim and swim when she was about 3 with goggles on.  And how her and i would sneak around the tiny corner in the apartment kitchen and sit by the washing machine to eat chocolate cake undesturbed together.  I remember her first confident day of kindergarten. I remember for years and years everywhere we went, people would make comments on her hair, or ask if her and Jaden were twins.   I remember the most amazing day of our life when this gal was baptized in the cold cold river in Colorado.  I remember how this last year she has turned into my amazing, non complaining, ever creative and talented helper.   Happy Birthday KamD!   Love you SO MUCH!!!! You make us so proud!

 On birthday morning Kam wanted  a stack of colorful pancakes…and even though she decided to do Whole 3o with Jase and I, we figured she needed the weekend off…so did she.

 Then we loaded up with one of her best friends in the world, Tessa Lou and went to Squaw Peak for an awesome couple of days playing at the water park.

They all decided they needed to play in the fountain by our room before we headed to the slides.
 The day after….everyone was WORN OUT…and this girl fell asleep like a protester, so I had to take some "STRIKE  STRIKE   STRIKE!!" pictures.

 The next day (Sunday) we decided to have a little family party with a "cake" for our girl.  It was watermelon cake with coconut cream frosting and blueberries and bananas on top  YUM!

 That night, when I went to sleep stalk my babies, I LOVED how they all fell asleep that night.  They always sleep in different rooms, with different siblings, but this night it was boys and girls…the girls in the little boys room and the boys in Jaden's room.  From now on, only 3 bedroom houses!!!

 And this last week, the kids and I took one last trip up to Grandma and Grandpa's to enjoy the cooler weather.  It was dreamy!  We sat around and sewed quilts, made yummy healthy food, did our school books, went to the dollar store, played war all around grandma's yard, hit the thrift stores, parks and dollar store again, went to the new planes movie, and sewed a cute title dress for Bibs that was just a tad bit too wide, which made it even cuter on her!

 Vivian was grandpa's shadow all week.  She stayed right at his feet.  Pearcey stuck pretty close too, but he was having a good time playing war with the older kids as well.
 Then tonight when we got home, I decided to put curlers in Bib's hair…and this girl puts on either my lipstick or fingernail polish everyday..and her and Pearce love wearing my shoes….I had to give her a mirror and take  a few shots!


Wendy said...

Love!!!! It!!!! So Much!!!! Kam is really a very amazing girl! She made a very positive impression on me last summer at the Vern & Lena Hatch Reunion...a great blend of sweetness and strength! Your family is blessed to have a mother like you, Kristal...

Alona said...

Happy Birthday, Kam! Miss you guys!


oh my gosh I love your kids. Those pictures of them sleeping...totally priceless, good mommy-move, snapping those perfect shots!