Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Why we don't drink milk…

I think most everyone understands why we strive to eat the way we do, but the #1 thing that people think we're crazy for (and that group is getting smaller and smaller, thank goodness) is thinking that drinking dairy….at least dairy from any market/grocery store, is as bad as eating a candy bar.   We are constantly educating ourselves on the importance of nutrition to maintain a healthy life, and the more we learn, the more we realize, most people have NO idea that millions of chemicals they consume, let alone all of the extra sugar they consume that isn't on the labels…yup, they can do that!   It's insane!   Sadly, we're not as healthy as we would like to be….hopefully soon we'll have the financial support to be.  But for now, we just try to teach our kids about food so they don't have to suffer like so many people (including ourselves at times) because of what they are giving their bodies to fight with. Just watch this video!
  This entire video is great, but start at about 11:15 to get the good parts.  TED talks are always awesome…and it doesn't hurt that I kinda love Jamie Oliver! :)

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