Friday, November 15, 2013

My little Mr. Increidble

So I was just planning on taking pictures of the whole group last time, and they all jumped in and wanted their own shots…all but one….Mr. Incredible just sat in the background, patiently waiting, and wanting the whole thing to be over with so he could go back in and finish his game of wii batman.   I realized this later, after we put the costumes away out in the shed, but after a couple of friends pointed it out, I realized, I bettered do it!  So we did a Mr. incredible shoot!  I told him to pull some "incredible" moves.  And this is how it went….in proper sequence….
 Fighting the bad guys, and doing pretty well….

 Until they get him down….then it doesn't look too good for Mr. Incredible….
 fake death…
 Suddenly , back in action!!!
 The crazy face of VICTORY!!!!
Love you Mr. Incredible!!!!! You make everyday happy!!!!

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