Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My 11 year old....

M: Time for our annual (or every other annual lately) interview kid....let's begin.  What's the coolest thing you've done this year?
M: What was so cool?
J: Everything! The rides, the movies that it makes. And that's all.

M: What's the worst thing you've had to do this year?
J: Work 3 and a half hours everyday!
M: But wasn't it worth it?
J: NO. Yea, I learned not to steal money and learned how to work for it.
M: Ahh, good.  Good boy.  Who's your best friend this year?
J: Mom
M: Ahh, good.  Good boy!  What's the coolest thing you've learned this year?
J:  I learned how to make chocolate chip cookies and how to not get my mom mad.
M: Did you really?  When was the last time I was mad at you?
J: A few days ago.
M: So still a work in progress?  For both of us?
J: yea (laughing)

M: What do you hope to accomplish this next year?
J: Make a goal in soccer. I've never done that before.
M: You'll do it. You're awesome!  What else?  this is your big "deacon" should have lots of priesthood/righteous man goals.
J:  I want to work on learning the scout oath and scout law. I need to work on being awesome so I can get the priesthood.

M: Where do you think we should go this next year?
J: Knottsberry farm!
M: Why?!  You like it better than Universal Studios?
J: Oooh yea!
M: lame

M: What do you like the most about your family?
J: Everything
M: That's not true, or you'd be a little nicer to a certain someone (hint: she's 10) and you'd be a little more obedient.  What's your real favorite thing?
J: Oh my gosh! Come on!  I like that they're really talented, and know how to bake good food and they're really active.
M: What do you think we need to do more as a family this year?
J: We need to exercise more.
M: We go on more family walks than anyone I know...I don't htink we need to improve on that one.
J: I know, that's why we're a healthy family, but we need to do more active stuff as a family.

M: What's your favorite movie?
J: Nacho Libre
M: Good answer kid.
J: Anaconda Squeeeeeeze!

M: Alright, I love you a lot.
J: I love you too mom (laughing). Mom, you're so great! (fake laughing)

M: This interview is OVER!


Amy John said...

He's very handsome.

foreveryoung said...

What a stud! I loved reading this and getting to know his personality and thanks for reminding me that I still haven't done my Jayden's bday interview from August :)