Thursday, October 3, 2013

No more 3 year old boys.... waaahhh!

My sweet little Pearcey turned 4!  I can't believe it.  I feel this way, but I've had so many people say, "it seems like you just barely had him!"...even though we've had 4 moves and another baby since we've had him.  I just can't believe he's 4! I hope he stays just as sweet and amazing as he was when he was 3.  Him and I are best buddies.  Well, next to Stratton and Boston.  He loves those 2!

 When we asked him what kind of birthday he wanted, luckily he said a spiderman monster truck...and we still had a frozen spiderman cake from Boston's birthday....SOOOO, I just ran out to Target and go a spiderman monster truck, and BAM!  Wish granted.

 We also asked him what he'd like for his birthday...his first answer was a simple, "everything!".  But then he narrowed it down to:
Root Beer
Rainbow Pancakes (the family birthday fav)
I'm pleased to say, he got it all (except hotdogs, but I don't think he could have shoved one down).

I also asked Pearce, hat he wants to do for his birthday...again, the answer was "everything!"  But we narrowed it down to
Play in the sprinklers with Stratton, swim at Stratton's mom's pool, go to the movies, go to Costco, put Jaden and Boston to sleep and watch a movie at home with popcorn.  And again, pleased to announce, it was all accomplished (except we didn't really put the older 2 to bed before the movie, and well, he got too impatient with the previews at the movies, so we ended up leaving our awesome seats, taking our root beer and popcorn and getting a refund at the movies, ha!)  

My top 4 favorite things about Pearce:
When he says, "let's do this!" and kisses my face all over
His love for home.  He loves to go home.  He's always ready to go to Costco, or Stratton's, but anywhere else, he wants to go home very quickly and do puzzles or play trains or cars.
I LOVE that he loves cars and trains and puzzles so much.  He plays with all 3 everyday, and has for the last year.  He has a more extensive hot wheels collection than any kid I know (thanks frys for doing $1/2), and he usually has one in his pocket at all times.
I LOVE his smile.  His little dimples, round face, bright blue eyes, and adorableness.  Mmmm!

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