Monday, October 15, 2012

King for the day (week...month, ok, always!)

On Pearcen's birthday he had ice cream 3x before his party even started.  Breakfast, lunch and ice cream truck time (around 4pm).  It's his and ice cream. I think it's all 3 year old's thing, right?

 And then the big party started!  Of coarse it was a construction party since we have to pull over for a few minutes at every construction site we pass.  It's fun for all of us to watch Pearcen's excitement as he watches the tractors.

 Never in my life have I seen a kid so excited about a present.  He was almost hyperventilating.  It was awesome!!!! I SO wish we had it on video.

 and so of coarse he played it for, um, weeks (still is) after he opened it.

 And here is me trying to work my Vivian magic on my friend that I think needs to get pregnant with a baby girl. I have too many friends that are in the happy spot of life (their baby is in school....home ALONE!)  We'll see how well Vivvy worked.
 And Jase and I got Pearcen a train table off of craigslist, which has also been played with almost all day everyday since the party.
 As long as it has wheels, this kid will play with it all day.  He prefers to play with friends with his trucks, tractors and trains, but he will also be just fine all alone.
 These two.  These two are awesome!  Pearce LOVES when Tratton comes over.  We're so excited that they now live right by us!!!!!

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Kel and Deke said...

Hey Kristal,
It's MeKell. I was wondering if you ever do any photography anymore? We have a baby boy due in about two weeks and I am really wanting to get some sibling pictures done of my four and a newborn shoot done for him. As well as possibly sneak in a couple of family shots for a christmas card. I am hoping to get some pictures done in early nov. Do you have any availability and what are your prices?? Email me back and let me know if you are interested at all thanks so much!! MeKell