Sunday, May 1, 2011

Making it easy for you....

MOther's Day....
A Salad Master pot big enough that I don't have to use our 3 little ones EVERY time I make soup....
 remember my crepe pan you got rid of...oh look, salad master has one....
 Um, no one in the world works out as much as I one and ONLY sports bra is 4 years old.  Really? Is it doing ANY good at all?  Nope, that's why I have to wear 1 or 2 old bras WITH IT!....but look.....
I just really want this lense

 I need this.  It's been on my wish list for a long're a doctor right?  hook me up!
 I have one of these in my closet at all times, allowing my self one square a day...2 on bad days.  But I'd just like a few more on hand.
 Uh, so other than Jessica Tubbs, ,who's the queen of Turbo Jam/Fire??? Probably me.  And my feet are already falling off after one week, and I read that these weird ole vibram shoes work wonders...and I can run in them too!  yay!!!!! (but Like the ones called vibram jane...not these ones)
or maybe a NO CLEANING DAY where the house still ends up clean.  That would be AMAZING. I've NEVER had one of those...EVER!
Or even better....Aida!!!!
But yes, again, I know that Mother's day and my birthday came at a bad time of year  so I'll settle for breakfast in bed as long as it has asparagus that isn't crunchy, herbs, chocolate almond milk and pancakes!

There now you can't say, "you make it hard" (actual quote from last week when he realized that Mother's day was 2 weeks away...which is good, because usuallly he doesn't realize how close it is til it's a day or two away...PROGRESS!!!!
Head's up Jase...Mother's Day is Sunday the 13th of May next you know a year in advance.  Prepare.

On that note...anyone have any great father's day gift ideas?


Jessica said...

uh=oh! I can't believe Mother's Day is already so close! I hope you get everything on your list because you are awesome and deserve it! I was totally think the other day I need a new sports bra too, I might as well not even wear one for all the good it does alone- I have to wear a reagulare cheap bra undermine too!

P.S. And thanks for the Turbo queen totally rock

P.P.S. And can I tell you that I LOVE the comments you leave on mt blog?!!!! They always make me HAPPY:)

Kristal said...

haha, I doubt i'll get a thing but the breakfast in bed, but it's always worth a try.
And yea, you are the queen. I'm ok being princess turbo fire. It's soo much fun. I'm still in the "ooh, it's new I love it" phase, so I do 3 or 4 a day, but I'ms ure that'll wear off. I need to stick to the schedule like you do. in fact, starting today, that's my goal. I wish you could come keep me on track with my diet. haha.

And me too! I love the bushman girl's comments on my blog! You guys are my favorites!!!!