Friday, February 25, 2011

An offical jewelry lady...

I did it
It was late
I was delusional
Becky was charming and made it all sound perfect
So I signed on with Premier Designs Jewelry.
My training show is tomorrow at noon at my place, and I have a few parties booked for the next couple of weeks.
I'm excited
Lots of people coming to my party in Snowflake and lots in the valley
My show in town....I don't know.
Joseph City is filled with PWDRSVP (people who don't RSVP)
And it's fine.  It's always nice to have people just show up, but in the mean time, you're left looking at your list of who HAS RSVPed and you're freaking out, because there's 3 of you!  I remember this happened last year and we had an amazing turnout, fingers crossed....
I hope tomorrow is the same.
I was just talking with a friend last night at bunco.  I had 2 people RSVP, but we had 16 there.  Awesome. I think I need to remove RSVP from my vocabulary, and not freak out about how many people are actually coming.  The only party I've had that was a flop in  JC was my kid's pampered chef one, which I thought was a lovely idea, but apparently only 2 other mom's in town agreed.

So for today, I have spent most of the day freaking out that there could only be 3 of us at my TRAINING SHOW...and I will spend the last couple of hours, at a shower, and zumbaing off that salmon I just downed.

    (WARNING: Shameless Plug)
But if you're within a stones throw of my a party...hostesses get TONS and TONS of free jewelry...seriously.  At my show last year I got about $250 worth!
(I can throw a stone to Flagstaff, Show Low, St. Johns and everywhere in between, yup, I pitched in HS softball)

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