Thursday, February 24, 2011

Comforting Bunco...

Tonight is Bunco at da Mulders...whoop whoop!
I decided to make the theme "comfort"...everyone comes in their pj's and brings a comforting food. I thought this would be nice and relaxing...little did I realize, it means nothing to me.  It means I have to get ready, run into the store, come back, clean like crazy, get my food going, change INTO my pj's, one last check to make sure the house smells good and there aren't any old apple cores where anyone can see them.  Make sure there are enough bunco sheets, and find the dice that th ekids lost, and of coarse, set up tables and chairs.  Can someone else do a lazy bunco night so I can be lazy?

Alright, so here's a picture of the coolest full rainbow ever.  It was on our way to the valley outside of Winslow last week. and yea, I know you can't see the whole thing, but that's as far back as I could go.  It was awesome in real life though.
 And of coarse, the children pushing each other around in some power wheels with the Bingham kids.
 I don't know WHAT this picture is about, but a dirty boy with big eyes and a fat tongue....CUTE!
 And of coarse, her shower...looking amazing.  Trust me people, when/if I ever get a bad picture of her, you know I'll post it.  I've been trying for YEARS!

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Ashley Lois said...

i seriously hope i'm that cute when i'm pregnant.