Thursday, June 24, 2010

My one and only...

Um, first off, I'm sooo lucky to know Melissa Fullmer! Seriously. I am IN LOVE with these pictures she took, and we stare at them all day!!!!! LOVE THEM! We decided I'll do her sewing and quilting, Jase will be their probono adjuster, and she can be our photographer and her husband bob can be our MAC consult guru. (he's knows his apple shiz).

Now onto my sweet Kamryn. It was SO fun going on a roadtrip just her and I. I hope we can do it every year forever! I learned so much about her. I learned that she LOVES "the music that the cowboys sing". And she would get really excited when we'd get onto the Broadway from now on, we're a half of the time country music family (I can't live without my DMB and John Mayer). And every Sunday we're going to watch a musical. I can't wait, I never watched them growing up, but I always hear about them, so it'll be fun for all of us.

I learned how sweet she can be when her and Jaden aren't tormenting each other. She is soo sweet with other kids. She LOVED playing with little Clara and Kamryn. I loved watching her laugh at them and the cute things they did.
I learned that she doesn't like to see people sad. She asked about every homeless person we saw on our way. Everytime a car was broken down on the side of the road she wanted to help them. And of coarse, something that I already knew but I LOVE to watch about my sweet Kambam is her LOVE for animals. She said her favorite part of the trip was the animal muesem....aquarium. She could stop at stare at the animals all day if we had time. She gets that from her dad for sure. She loves to catch lizards, chickens, cats, dogs, whatver. And sadly, her favorite show right now is Bindi the Jungle girl...not my favorite, but I love that she loves it.
My favorite thing about Kamryn is that she is JUST LIKE ME! She doesn't like to show emotion, you have to fight her for a hug, and her and I make the weirdest faces for the camera....not on purpose. Love you lots little Kam!!!!

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