Monday, April 19, 2010

Things are GREAT, but...

I wish....

*we had a Grandma week, or even grandma day, where the whole day is spent with the kids going to grandma's (grandma's idea) and she bakes with them, crafts with them, plays games with them. Grandma day (or week)

*I owned a bosch. Anyone that knows me well, KNOWS how badly I've wanted bosch for about 5 years now. I sold my kitchen aide last year at a yard sale for $200 to go towards the purchase of a bosch but low and behold, it went towards our couch (which I DO LOVE, but still want a bosch)

*for grass

*forfat free cheese that melts

*for sister's trip/day

*for a 6 pack (abs)

*for a bumbo for pearcey

*for a baby sister for pearcey

*for wood bunk beds

*fo more time to quilt

*for chocolate milk that makes you skinny and tastes great and is good for you

*for jase to gain 20

*for me to lose 10

*for a nap


Biddle Family said...

I offered for you to use Tagg's bumbo! do you???

Allred's said...

Good WISHES!! Hope they come true!!

Kristal said...

um, yea, I do now...but by the time we see you again, he bettered be sitting up on his own.

And yea, Amy, kinda dorky stuff, but it's always fun for me to look back on previous years of blogging and see what I wanted at the time...lame.

Click Clan said...

Halarious...I totally get what you are saying

JC to gain 20
Me to lose 10


Allred's said...

No Kristal, I completely get it. I just got to the point that I was afraid to say my wishes out loud, in fear they wouldn't come true and I would be all disappointed. So, I really meant it, it's good to hear your wishes and know that you are just as real!

kristal said...

oh yea, I won't get 90% of this stuff, ok, probably 100%, but still, to just look back and see what I desired when I was 30 in a few years, I'm sure will be funny. There are a few things on this list that I've wanted for more than 5 years, so maybe they won't be funny, but you know.

Jessica said...

I love your list! I have one too! And yes! Everyone needs a grandma day- Beau's mom does one every month with all the kids, its awesome and the kids LOVE it! As do I! haha I also want more grass, a 6 pack, more time to quilt and to lose 10! Lets do it together! and hello! What is a nap?